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ESPN NBA front office insider, Jordan cornet ESPN basketball analyst. All right. It's interesting because we talked to Nick for Dow he's at the warriors game the warriors currently handled in the pistons. And if you think about it, the warriors are sort of and we had one hundred times because war is up ninety seven seventy seven gets business started with one quarter. It's the NBA. And then the warriors about that. And everyone knows whoever's likely to come out of the west is likely to win per se. I do like the east chances this year because it was an arms race at the trade deadline. You know, this Bobby what the bucks adding MIR with the seventy Sixers obviously getting is like teams are trying to win now. And there are going to be some contenders out of the east, but we all know is a certain number of teams, especially in the west that likely can do the real damage. I know Nick is not necessarily high as you alluded to join on the rockets, I'm sitting in Houston right now. Like watching you of eight I still think that the Rockies have a chance. Especially the way they played the warriors early in the year. Without James harden. Chris Paul flexing its muscle when you can't say, I'm back. But if you look at the west is. Thunder sort of not really playing to their best potential. They've been hot and cold sorta similar to self the Celtics. Are you look at Denver Denver's right now tied in wins both forty nine wins. So I think it really matters to them if they can surpass the win total along now has an easier. Schedule down the stretch Denver as a very hard scheduled down the stretch. But every game matters Portland quietly at the fourth spot clippers loudly at the fifth spot. Okay. See thunder. We talked about them there. A couple of teams out west. I mean, we gotta salute coach Pat for having the Spurs in eighth position based on how they stand Utah Donovan Mitchell, and like they always have a chance Bobby who are you looking to in the west saying, okay, they can really content with the warriors potentially. I mean, I think it has to be Houston because if you look at and I think we know what to do with the eight teams are going to be in the in the playoffs. It's just a matter of where the sheetings gonna be. Everyone has got some flaws here. I are we are we willing to trust Denver right now based on what they've been able to great regular season, but outside of Paul Millsap and Mason Plumlee, none of those players have been in a big game playoff spot before. I think what Houston's been able to do when we basically wrote them off in December. When Chris Paul hurt with how I mean, James harden has single handily. I mean. An outdated a lot of people here. I saw Bernard art king back in the eighties gonna stretch in when he was with Nixon games of like four games in Rio. And I thought it was like the greatest thing ever. James harden has done this year. I mean, it's a joke. The other night against San Antonio as far as they're down six, and he basically came down to hit like four threes in a row. So I think Houston being in the big spot already with Chris Paul playing at a high level right now. I think everyone else is great stories. But I don't know if I can trust, you know, Portland clippers have been a great story. Okay season so up and down here in Utah in San Antonio. So yeah, I think if you're asking me join it's probably going to be. It's probably going to be Houston. Yeah. And that's why I know Nixon in the belly of the beast, quite literally was at it was at a game while we talking to him. And I think that he's probably bought it not bought in. Because Nick, I know covers this this thing straight matches homers it, but I think he's better out a team that has shown so much confidence that it's only about those guys in the locker Golden State, and there is no obstacle. The Nick has maybe been a little little prone to believe that too. I was surprised how dismissive he was about. This used a team. That's what it was. I love naked death. He does great work. But he dismissed the idea like Houston just doesn't have enough firepower. And I think that's what they do possess, obviously behind what behind what James harden been able to do which to me, he's the MVP. I don't know how that's that's a debate. And I know there's been some great performances out there. The Greek freak is one. That has good argument. There's a few other guys but with. The high usage and the delivery and not only is he as an offense mastermind. He's a two way player. I mean, he's committed to being a defender in one of the best guys it turned over his opponent. How he guards in the post is something to be celebrated. He's taking great pride in that this team. That's changed. How they've approached their wing production. Again, James harden has been magnificent. Chris Paul bounce back from the hamstring which was not expected. The one thing that worries me about the rockets Salvi defend and I talk about James harden to turn his opponent over. That's where this team defensively. Butters their bread turning over the opponent can't generate turnovers. They can't stop nose bleed defensively. And I just don't know if they get into these games where it's James harden score. It was a little bit of help from an Eric, Gordon, Chris Poland, whomever, can they keep that up at a seven game series. If they're so reliant defensively on turning the opponent over otherwise, they can't get. Stops that's problematic to me. That's thrown cornet here with Bobby marks McKay. Right here on, you know, I'm not to tell you my address because people crazy out here. But I'm here the two eight one eight three two seven one three talking here. MBA insiders about the west in largely the biggest adversary to the warriors. And that has to be in my opinion, as I sit in Houston, Texas, the rockets, and I just look and you bring up a great point, Jordan. How can you not say James harden is the MVP, and the reason why people are afraid or don't want to say he is in my opinion is how he plays the ball. You know, how he how he really dominates the ball. How you plays the game? I love you honest. I'm Nigerian of the coupon. That's my best player on the best team twenty seven twelve and fix will turn his ankle knickknack still play winning. I get it. But James Horne do like what he's doing? We have not seen in a very long time. I mean, anytime we compare James finds feeds we're comparing it to Wilt Chamberlain like against the Spurs, which I don't know if you guys know, I think they call it the item rivalry back here in Texas. I don't know if you guys know it doesn't matter when it's actually rivalry game. When the rockets says, it's always a good game. Despite where those teams are individually or in their narratives throughout the season nineteen thirty four from the field nine for thirteen from three sixty one points in thirty seven minutes. I mean, he's scoring sixty points and making it look easy. He's making it look comfortable now. I know a lot of. The people hate on his game. I do this a lot Bob. You've heard this. People step back. Do do. Line. Like, I understand that. But what people don't even see that? Okay. Take away the three I'm gonna get to the rim gets a valley. Take with days even got the floater and people just any was even in the mid range. Like, I love you Anderson. I love what you're doing. But I think last year LeBron James and everything he has done. So far has shown us that most valuable player award probably in this modern day is gonna side towards the actual most valuable player for a team nine. I Janas is extremely valuable to the butts and they're winning. But what James harden has done? He has recesses resuscitated this rocket season. And now he does happen in your credit joint. He does have the firepower with teammates like if you get a couple of shooters, Eric, Gordon or even being a house has been a good expert. Chris Paul doing his thing James harden. And the rockets if they are healthy, I do think that they might be motivated. They did have the homecourt advantage. They might be motivated enough to take on the words. I don't know. Oh, I know. But if there's a year to try might as well be now. So I'm gone with James harden for MVP as I sit in the two eight one now coming up next really fake takes a poke at the NBA draft in who really might go number. What it might not be who you think coming up next on MBA insiders on ESPN radio on the ESPN app. Stay with your radio,.

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