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Hyundai Gaithersburg and Rockville transparency entrust vats the fits way rich under WTOP traffic stormteam four try to get our next storm system making its way our way that storm bringing rain for the day on Thursday but you're waking up to dry conditions temperatures in the mid to upper forties by the time you wake up in the C. a little bit cooler in the suburbs highs in the afternoon getting back into the upper fifties to low sixties now rain likely especially after the noon hour so old all day rain in the afternoon into the evening hours even lasting through early on Friday high temperatures right around sixty six Saturday not bad Sunday clouds with a high of sixty four I'm struggling for chief meteorologist Doug Kammerer right now you're waking up to forty five degrees in Culpeper this forum our Thursday morning April twenty third forty two in Manassas now thirty seven Leesburg forty seven Silver Spring we're looking at fifty one degrees in Annapolis forty eight in Waldorf we're down to forty six outside the WTOP studios this morning D. W. the right of this early morning for you here on WTOP the Maryland National Guard standing up for nursing homes under fire I'm JJ green and now the small business buzz package by the UPS store the covert nineteen pandemic is pushed back tax filing deadlines but for small businesses dealing with taxes is one of their biggest challenges even in normal times a scores services small business owners make taxes it's our second biggest challenge behind attracting customers the majority of small business owners spend more than twenty hours on their federal taxes and tax compliance Koster an average of sixty seven percent higher than for big businesses I'm Jeff label the U. P. S. store we want you to know our doors are open and we're ready to help you any way we can the UPS store is in the central business that will be open for every game you rely on us for whether that's printing packing mailing militarizing post ring mail boxing for a big one at the moment shipping you can count on us to be here ready to help you PS store open for everything you need and of course shipping is the UPS store dot com for hours and locations tell us what you're seeing on your commute call the WTOP traffic center at eight six six three zero four W. T. O. P. Washington's top news traffic and weather keeping you informed twenty four seven three sixty five W. T. O. B. I. X. force well good morning we talk about frontline workers a lot and they include the Maryland National Guard WTOP's national security correspondent JJ green shares with us this early morning members have been on duty since the cover crisis started and their main focus right now is nursing home fourteen hundred or on duty another seven hundred standing by and it's challenging keeping up with everything else going on colonel Erik Kelly Maryland National Guard states or regions we visited over forty Maryland nursing homes so far as well some children's facilities with.

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