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Hall WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty. NYPD officer who was shot yesterday in Washington heights left hospital today to cheers and Klaus officer adjusted Martin was able to walk to his car as he left outside I sink Lukes. The NYPD officer was in plainclothes yesterday. He's a plainclothes officer when he was shot in the arm during the gun battle at eighty seventh street and Wadsworth avenue. The suspect was shot and killed by another officer older inmates in New York state may soon be able to get out of prison earlier than expected WCBS reporter Mike sugarman has details on a new proposal big considered by Democrats in the state legislature. Got out of prison where he has spent the past thirty eight years and got a call from his wife never held a cellphone in my hands. And I'm saying what what boy do says you guys swiping, and I'm over here just moving or no, you guys swipe. A lot has changed since he had been incarcerated for Bank robbery and attempted murder, but he got out last year. And now we're with the group rep release aging people in prison. Word credible messengers. We're in the worst neighborhoods at this city reaching kids will loss. Why would you not want more of us out here to do this? There's a move to get more old cons out co sponsored by state Senator Brad oil to. Dollars per year warned by New York state taxpayers. There is protest to the Bill from some in the law enforcement community in lower Manhattan. Mike, sugarman, WCBS NewsRadio eighty Seagram's eras. Clare Bronfman pleaded guilty today in a sex cult case prosecutors say she was bankrolling the cult run by Keith Rene who had a secret harem of sex slaves, branded with his initials Bronfman who's forty years old into the plea in Brooklyn federal court, several other people also have entered a guilty pleads please including smallville TV. Actress Allison Mack, a noose was found today in park in Bayonne police say the rope and the shape of a noose found this morning and a tree a Dennis be Collins park. The news has been removed from the tree. No one has been arrested. Police are still looking into it. Rockland. Kennedy loses around in court in its fight against the spread of measles. That's coming up in three minutes. What does building a better Bank? Look like it starts with building Capital, One cafes warm.

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