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Couple clippers contracts and that's it for Ben Simmons. Is that are they looking at like 20, 25 cents a dollar? I just don't think Dara would do that. I think you'd rather just bury him and do a steering contest because the thing is, I've been waiting for this to happen with somebody where the player who thinks he has all the leverage who's already getting paid who just thinks he can decide what to do. Actually picks the wrong fight. And in this case, it's the wrong fact. Is Doc Rivers certainly doesn't care. He's been in the NBA for four decades. He's not gonna back down to this guy. Sixers owners don't care. Darrell had all of China coming after him. He's fine. And then the Philly fans, there are the same way. So it's like this is the one situation where I think the player picked the wrong battle. Even the Kyrie thing, there's people will cave in the Kyrie thing. It'll happen. I don't think there's going to be caving in this Philly thing. Well, and the one thing, too, that we can't stress enough is. You know how tough Philly fans are, even when you're trying and you're struggling a little bit, this kid can not I mean they'll destroy him. And he was already and I learned this from the piece I did on Ben a couple years ago, already a little sensitive to what Philly fan said about him and thought about him in this whole idea of they like Joelle better and all this other stuff. I mean, they'll destroy him now, because anyone that was maybe on the fence, which I can't imagine there are many Philly fans left that that's the case. After this today, how can you possibly even do anything that suggests any inkling of empathy or humanity regarding him? Because he's basically thumbing his nose at you, your team, your coach, your TM, your franchise player, everybody. And showed up to collect some paychecks, which was pretty transparent. And that's not going to play well either. Well, now, so now you suspend us. So here's my question. I go back to this again. What if? And I don't have no inside knowledge. This is just me projecting, which is what we like to do. What if Ben Simmons is cam comes out and says, Ben Simmons has some mental health issues. He needs to take some time away. This is no different as we've said over and over and over in this league than a torn ACL. A broken mind is just as important as a broken leg. He needs to take a leave of absence. And the sixers would have to pay him, wouldn't they? Yeah, if that happens, which I think is a real possibility, I would hope it's genuine because I think that would demean the people who actually battle. I couldn't agree more. But I would say, based on everything we've seen that's gone on with mint Ben Simmons, I think there's some stuff going on with him. Legitimately, there's stuff going on with him. And there was some stuff in that even in that Ramona piece about this situation with his family, which we knew and we've talked about a load on the pod. But yeah, it seems like there's a lot of burdens with this dude. I think he has some real family issues. And I think it's like the stuff we talked about in the past, the difference between fearful and fearless and janus how fearless that guy is. That guy is unafraid of everybody and everything and every situation. And if something bad happens, he's on to the next play and Ben Simmons is just the opposite. And it seems like something changed in him between senior and high school and LSU where he became fearful instead of fearless. Right. But yet, we have again examples throughout history. You know, Magic Johnson came out as a rookie in 1980 and he was fearless. He played all 5 positions you want him a championship. And then, you know, in Boston garden, four years later, three years later, he dribbles out the clock and misses free throws and everyone's calling him tragic magic. And then within a year he's wins a championship again. So it's at least he had the baseline of he had had some real success. I guess the issue that fans I talked to are like, what are Ben Simmons wins? What are the things we can point to where it's like, well, he came through that time. It doesn't exist. So when you combine that with all the stuff that's happening now, and we've seen, I mean, you really, you don't have to go back to the cocaine era where you see guys who just tail off. Right? But it was always drugs, or it was always some sort of terrible knee injury. Like, you know, what happened to grand hill or what happened to it? Right. Yeah, which is a shame. But you go back to the 80s and you go look at some of the basketball. Go look at like John drew, go look at John Lucas. Go look at microwave Richardson. These guys, Michael ray Richardson so on, you know, everybody always says he was going to be the missing piece for X, Y and Z, you know, all those guys. Hey, go all the way back to Spencer, Hayward. Who tells who tells his story very plainly that he should have won three championships with the Lakers? But he's too busy being coked up. And God bless him. He's clean now and he's a great he's a great cautionary tale and is so eloquent it telling it. But but I don't think that's what's going on here. I'm not saying that that's what's going on. I know you're not over the course MBA history where Elgin bail is another one, right? Everybody says LJ heard his knee at some point in the mid 60s. Right. It was just never the same. And that's it. So we've seen it with injuries. We've seen it with drugs. We've seen guys get a little funky like latrell sprewell. I think people forget he was first team all in BA and gold state midnight. I would say he was probably the third best two garden the league when he strangled PJ. Looked at his career was over, but he came back. I don't I'm really starting to wonder as Ben Simmons come back in a way that this doesn't that it doesn't drag this around. Now you could say sprewell did. It's pretty well choked his coach was a pariah and was a hero for the Knicks within a year and a half. How about Ron artest, destroyed the league with malice in the palace? Get some counseling. Thanks his psychiatrist on the podium as he beats the Celtics in Boston for an NBA championship. Happens. So I guess the difference with this is we've pointed to all these different things. It's like injury. Some sort of terrible incident drugs. I don't remember just this guy doesn't really like it here situation. Snowballing like this has. But I guess I would push back that I think there's more to it. That's why I'm arguing this mental health, just look between the lines. Some of the things you're talking about, I just think it's a bigger issue. And if it is, it's one that no one will be sympathetic towards, but I will, if.

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