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Says that that state is preparing to pay the extra benefit, too. There's more breaking news tonight. It involves the murder of 10 year old Michiyo Wilson in D. C. Back in July of 2018 You may remember she was gunned down while innocently waiting in line for ice Cream D. C. Police are confirming that U. S marshals of Arrested Isaiah Murchison in Virginia for the murder of 10 year old Michiyo Wilson. He's waiting to be extradited. His brother and 10. Other people have long been charged in connection with her killing will have some more on the Developing story tonight. A new report shows the pandemics damaging impact on some area households, especially those with Children. The center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Reports that in D C one in four adults with kids say they can't afford food for their kids and 10% of adults and rental housing are behind on rent in Maryland, 51% of Children in redder households. We're not getting enough to eat or were in households that were behind on rent is compared with 33% of households that rent in Virginia. Study also said the pandemic has been particularly bad in black Latino, indigenous and immigrant households. The progressive think tank Study analyzed Census Bureau data from June 18th 2 July 21st. There are 60% fewer doctors appointments in the district this year compared with last year. Patients concern Aboutthe Corona virus is the major reason but D C. Health leaders are worried that caution could lead to a delayed diagnosis for people who have HIV director of DC Health Doctor Look, Wandera Nesbitt led with the good news. Since 2007 D C has made strides in its effort to test diagnose and control the spread of HIV. We've seen the 79% decline in the number of newly diagnosed HIV cases. But during Corona virus, she says, fewer people are going to the doctor since testing at an annual checkup is where many learned they have HIV. Nesbitt worries that Corona virus precautions could be preventing patients from knowing they have the virus, which is why we're doing things like having people have a HIV test kit mail to their home. Find information on the testing kit. W t o p dot com Search HIV. Meghan Cloherty w T O P news and then picking up the pieces and starting again whenever the next tour or the next war arises. We are dipping into the Democratic National Convention to hear from Illinois Democratic Senator Tammy Duck Worth. She lost both legs as she flew missions as a helicopter pilot in the Iraq war. Joe knows the fear military families live because He's felt that dread of never knowing if you're deployed Love one is safe. He understands their bravery because he has had to muster that same strength every hour of every day Bull was overseas. That's the kind of leader our service members deserve one who understands the risks they face and who would actually protect them by doing his job as commander in chief Senator Tammy Duckworth's of Illinois live from the Democratic National Convention. She was also one of several women considered as a Joe Biden running mate. We'll have more coming up, Eugene Scott of the Washington Post will be along to analyze our one of the convention coming up for you. This is Jim Richburg of Fortune at federal Effective network Security relies on broad visibility. Tight integration and seamless automation these air not over the horizon options.

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