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So um you know there are so many questions about this ideologies and these kind of groups one how they're going to if and how and when they will up yet again what does the fall of raka mean for president assad in syria what president assad for four cannot set a claim victory ford up call old take any credits for that's back home because it wasn't are handled by his own forces on his own allies in fact with was handled by forces that he always called as enemies u s back at forces the code this occurred this democratic forces supported by the us by the air or buy weapons that they're the ones who managed to liberate a puff from us however he will definitely make use of this liberation in the fight against terrorism let's not forget that president assads seven years ago six years ago five years ago was called by at by the world as the one who is like this throwing syria killing civilians and a you know cracking down on peaceful protesters at what he termed the whole game into a fight against terrorism and now he is just the partnered with the world in the fight against isis we were speaking yesterday with mike gig leo reporter with buzzfeed who said it was no coincidence that isis losing rocket to these kurdish forces you're talking about and the iraqi military going after the kurds in kirkuk in iraq was happening at the same time is that is that the view well there are so many questions raised zero manga um you know analysts than people following up the story in the middle east that all of a sudden after the codes being a partners were the the as supported by the world is appointed by the us own of her southern the iraqi forces are coming in and taking back i could cook but the an and it's definitely at the same time coins siding with them therefore the other forces otter at liberating rupp caught in fighting at guests i s so um it is the big question for them and definitely a change in the geopolitics than that egypt.

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