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The the the the patient one is in that was discovered in the first towns. That went on lockdown as just now after seventeen days. Come out of Breathing on machine so that that tells you that with these beds and equipment being taken up by people who already sick and you're getting for example in the last twenty four hours alone. We've had almost six hundred cases of that. A four hundred needed critical care. So that tells you that that the problem is is serious and and it's growing and here in the regional government is saying that we need to really clamp down a fully on on. Even this thing is as of today. I was talking to people by phone. Who have stores open in the fashion district that we're doing limited hours but but right now the government saying we need to even go an extra step and say closys down also the curfews that were previously with the restaurants in the cafes that needs to go to and we need to stay with just pharmacies and supermarkets here in in Lombardy? So that's that's the request so there'll be discussions about that with the government in Rome. Tell us a little bit more. You describe that the issue of the government and the regional authorities potentially saying different things. There has been criticism that despite the fact that you set contests. The Prime Minister seems to have taken a rather understated but firm lead. Ever since this crisis began to ferment. There has been such a lot of political infighting that this may indeed have caused some sort of delay. What are the thoughts on that? This draft of this decree leaked out on on Saturday evening and you saw the images of people getting on trains and buses and somebody even took a taxi to Rome. Milan to Get Alpha for the The lockdown went in effect for northern Italy. And so there's about how that played out. Of course there have been lots of exchanges back and forth worth example with materials Lavinia of the Northern League who back in January was saying we need to cut all traffic Travel with with with China. Now he's he's on board with Conti. He's not He's he's meeting today with the Prime Minister. So there has been this sort of a sense of of slow sort of reaction to the crisis of over over over Several weeks in terms of trying to get a handle on it because people could still fly directly from China of course as other places in Europe so You finally say now this this reaction and now that this request is coming from the regional government to say we should go for the next fifteen days. They're asking for even the further extension so close the shops and cafes and restaurants you can that shows you that the regional forties here. Of course we're talking about you. Know governments in the in the north northern regions. Run by the League who aren't opposition to to county and so they're asking the same because they believe that they they need. These measures put in place Immediately tennis a little bit more about how local economies are going to cope with this. I mean if you do have such a lock down as you described you have what many people argue is a heart and soul of Italy. Italy's economy its ability to feed and let us socialized going. What are people saying about how they will cope? Poor survival organise knows what well economically. I've been speaking on the phone with people who represent the sort of the made in Italy behind the scenes the smaller for example design and fashion brands and and they are trying to work as best. They can a brand that has many women at home sewing together their neckties speaking to a gentleman and influence half company for generations and they are having the moment in the workspace they have people distance washing their hands every thirty minutes and he said that He had good news the other day because finally in China he got an order finally asked to be set because finally in China after their lockdown. They've now begun to come out and they've main distributors asked him. Descend finally a shipment of course a lot of businesses. It's quite difficult to sort of. How do you? How do you do a photo shoot for for product because now you have to keep your distance when you're in the photo shoe bringing products to do a still life They're all these complications and and people are insurance and and you see out on the sidewalk I call it. The sort of the MILANESI sidestep because people are are trying to sort of respect this distances and even in the cafe downstairs I popped very briefly and there was just four customers and everyone is sort of separated on on all corners that no one could go to the bar to take their Cappuccino because of this this ruling. So you know it's it's a it's a new kind of Wait wait wait. We have to adapt to for or or the near term. Hopefully and get through it. We've seen quite a lot of rather unnecessary stockpiling of household goods here in the United Kingdom and Australia has seemed to make a virtue of not coping with the potential toilet rolls shortage. What is it that the Talian hoarding? I mean you've had things like of course pasta so people buying thirty kilos of Sealy because you know they they wanna they wanNA stop you. Saw Of course on Sunday a more concerned and lines with people being separated every few meters to enter stores in limited numbers in the south overnight. You saw Some scenes because it went into effect in the south just just Just now and so. There was a bit of a bit of panic. I think now Milan. I think we we're getting use. The fact that yes the the the support have always been so. There's no need to rush out and buy for for two weeks everything that you need but again. It's it's still something that people have to have to adapt to and it's it's not easy obviously psychologically Ivan Cavalier staying inside in Milan. Thank you very much indeed for joining us on monocle twenty four you're listening to the briefing. What can learn in a minute more than you think. If you subscribe to Monaco daily email newsletter. The monocle minute.

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