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Last call for phone calls coming up. My thanks to chip Kelly Ucla Michael Thompson Lakers radio analyst woody page from around the Horn and the mothership here. All right. Results poll question mclovin. Okay. So we put up last hour, which do you want to say permanent shorter NBA season shorter. Caesar late September Sharp College football shorter, but it's close a lot of people say shorter MBA as well. This change sports history Paulie a bunch from Dan nineteen sixty, five Willie mays at the age of thirty four became the oldest man hit fifty home runs in a season. He also had the record for the being the youngest person to hit forty home runs in a season video marines and the season a twenty four. Page at age fifty, nine pitched three shutout innings versus the Boston. Red. SOx Fifty nine and you wonder what he would have been like if he was given the opportunity to pitch. You're doing that in your fifties. And you know we talk about Jackie. Robinson there were other players, Josh? Gibson. Was the one that I would have been most curious about how great he would've been because by all accounts those who played with and against him in the Negro Leagues talked about him being. Babe Ruth like player. Nineteen ninety-three Dan Charles Barkley was the guest host of Saturday night live. Can you guess the musical guest? Nineteen ninety-three. About as good as it gets. For Nineteen, ninety-three is a good one nirvana. Nirvana's correct now nirvana new valen ear Vanna Sean Salisbury once two thousand one my. Ll. Cool. J. From now. Lorena Jay and Sean Salisbury was one of the Co host with me. Do. You have the quote from Salisbury Berry was talking to Dagoes Ju- listen to other bands like Nirvana and L. L goes. Never van a tough day. Barclay feet up. WHO's the purple? Stuffed animal barring Barney Oh. Yeah. I think Barclay beat up Barney on that Saturday night live two thousand and one. Michael Jordan announced returned to the NBA as a player for the Washington Wizards. Two thousand one. Kyle and California joining us on the program Kyle. Welcome back what do you have for me? They DP hey, but I, you're you're totally right on Lebron He's not quite the same guy. He's exerting themselves a lot more especially on defense. You know goes cavs team you know stick them on Harrison Barnes or whatever, and he comes to play weakside. He can't really do that anymore and then the whole nuggets free-throw saying they've shot the same amount for four games before last night's game but nuggets have shot twelve more for each other than the Lakers so. If Lebron suits, two free throws and again I think I just taught. Quote Kyle, Korver said when he plays against Lebron, you think he gets every call and play with them doesn't get nearly enough. And you're probably right but I did say keep an eye on those totals for him. You know has gone to the line and I think they're the exact number of free throws in this series so far with these teams. But as they move forward does Denver get a little bit more leeway here coming up and also sometimes the team that just lost comes back in his in his more aggressive minute just natural.

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