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Back. And that's what we need here. A eventually it. Is Important to vote because if this is a gender for Joe Buys campaign within, he could get some. Liberal judges in the bench than a change everything so it's just. So the a Joe Biden and bring us some liberals in there, and maybe we could get these laws change so police and the police officer Bobby Cologne who? Calling out sake. and. Billy you need to quit because see now again. You don't WanNa. Protect your serve you so worried about policing that. You're getting so mad that you don't want to go outside and were. So vague safe to you! Police this. Quit your job. Just go away. Because you. Anyway, because clearly you wasn't doing the job for the people eighty how you was doing it the. Way! We want you to quit. The. Cops come on a hand, the ones who are going to help the people. Who millennials Jazz. Young, millennials came up with the funding situation. I thought that was cool that though of. These ideas that Mike can work to help to. These the murderous attitude policing than let's do what we gotta do. A quick break. Story then.

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