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Sometimes we'll get stalled. Sometimes we get sidetracked when we walk with Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to the destination that God the father designed for us. The results are better than we could ask for or imagine. And now here's your host Terry Modique in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Spirit father. God we give you the glory for what we come together to do today. You are the guardian of the flock. You have our back and we turn our trust over to you commonly spirit. Be My inspiration as I share. What you want me to share an annoy. Everybody listening so that they hear what you want them to hear. And then when we pray together annoyed our prayers come Holy Spirit Come Holy Spirit Amen. If there's anybody watching this who has not met the blessed mother personally as a mother as somebody who knows you and cares about you. I hope my testimony today will help you go towards that goal of knowing that the blessed mother really does care about you and you too can have a relationship with her my journey and getting to know the blessed mother started when I was a young adult because I was raised as a Protestant and I believed all the misconceptions that presidents have about Catholicism. And the you know the blessed mother I thought Blessed Mother. Why do we need to have her in her life? She was there at a time in history. She did her job. And that's all that's needed little. Did I know how much really needed her? In my life when I became an adult the Lord lead me through his Holy Spirit to come to believe that Jesus is truly present in the Holy Eucharist and that is why I became a Catholic. That's a whole other story but I just want to lay the foundation for today's story with with sharing with you that it was through understanding by especial grace of the Holy Spirit when I asked the Holy Spirit to come into my life that I was able to suddenly know without any doubt I mean I just knew that I knew that I knew that Jesus was truly present body and and divinity in the whole of the Catholic mass and so I became Catholic. I couldn't keep me away from the Catholic Church after that I joined in with prayer groups. I made friends and they prayed the rosary and I tried praying the rosary along with them and to me. It was just boring. Babble repetition to me Taibbi personality where I get bored easily so I got bored praying the rosary and I said I just don't get it. Everybody seems to be so into praying the rosary. They seem to get so much out of it and I don't so what am I missing and I tried you know. I read about the blessed mother. We could get my hands on back in those days. Her apparitions Goria were fairly new and and I heard from people. I listened to people who had been to Mega Goria. And and the stories that they told and how to enliven their face. And and yet I just couldn't I couldn't feel anything. Special about the BUZZER mother. She was just still a figure in history from a long time ago. Who played an important role in salvation history? But that's that so I finally said Lord Jesus if you want me to have a personal meaningful relationship with your blessed mother unique to introduce me to her yourself and I left it at that. A few years later I was working at my Diaz in newspaper is a weekly newspaper. I was a staff writer and I got a phone call from somebody who wanted an article done. There was a man a speaker named Wayne. Waibel I don't know if you've heard of him he's deceased now. He was back in and the the late nineteen eighties early nineties. He was he was doing a lot of speaking engagements and he was coming to my diocese which was up in New Jersey. He is somebody who was a Protestant who had gone to Magic Gloria and had discovered something. His relationship with the blessed mother just came so alive that he he wrote books about it. He started newsletter. Bad He did speaking engaged engagements about it and he was coming to my diocese and was going to be speaking in four different churches. The man who was organizing his his trip in organizing which churches he was going to be at and his team. We're GONNA be picking him up at the airport and taking him to all these different churches and this man called me on the phone at the newspaper and said Terry I like an article done about Wayne wiles visit and my editor agreed to that and so this man cemetery. The blessed mother has chosen you to do this and I'm thinking right. It's just coincidence that I'm the staff writer. Got This assignment. But I'll go along with that if you think. The bus mother chose me. Well you know I'm open to it. I was very skeptical. I went with him to the airport to pick. Wayne waibel up and from that moment on in the car rides in the churches while Wayne was waiting for his speaking engagement to begin. I picked his brain. I asked him all kinds of questions about the blessed mother. Some of it for the article. I was writing. What some of it for my own benefit and I think I wore him out at one point. He finally said to me that he needed to stop answering my questions so that he pray and get ready for the speaking engagement that was about to start. I thought well you know this is cool. I've been intellectually learning a lot. It was in my head is still blessed mother and my heart was still not there and so after he finished that particular speaking engagement he went back into the sacristy and I followed him there and so did a lot of other people from the congregation. They streamed in in line and one by one thanked him for what he had to say. Maybe they had a little something about their own relationship with the bus mother to say or whatever and I'm observing all of this. Some of the people came bearing gifts a crucifix. The picture of the blessed mother I can't remember what else. But every time. He received a gift from somebody. He sank them and then he turned to me and said here. Terry the blessed mother wants you to have this going the blessed mother. How do you know that she really wants me to have these gifts you to saying that right that night I went to bed and I'm thinking about everything in it happened and everything that I learned and I still felt no different? I learned things but my feelings were still like. Mary was a distant historical figure. That was it. The next morning I woke up at different person. Jesus did a miracle in my sleep. When I woke up I knew the blessed mother as my own mother and as a friend as somebody who cared about me as someone who knew me as someone who was delighted to call me her daughter and was interested in in being a patron of my prayers. You know to to to be appraised supporter for me. And you know there's nobody greater than than the blessed mother has your prayer supporter and Saint Joseph. He's in there too and I think we need to always when we talk about the blessed mother we also need to talk about Saint Joseph and more so now today than we used to and so both him have become my personal patron saints praying crank in every day. I lift up the day and and and everything going on my life and all my concerns to both of them. I'm going to share with you a prayer that I believe the Holy Spirit inspired in me to to do each morning in the beginning of my day but before we get into that. There's another story I would like to share with you many years after that experience of meeting the blessed mother my husband Ralph and I were moved by the Holy Spirit from New Jersey to Florida before we moved we had gotten involved and something called. Good news ministries. That was based in Pensacola Florida. And we had been to some week long evangelization schools that were put on by this place in Pensacola and we end a team of other people from our parish brought this training back to our parish in New Jersey and began to prepare to put on a week long school of Evangelization. They're in New Jersey. Ralph and I were very involved in that. But the Lord in the middle of that began to pull us towards Florida and we didn't know why we went a few different times to that Pensacola School. In order to immerse ourselves as much as possible in the training and one of those times. I was praying in the chapel. They have and while I was praying and I was saying Lord. I want to make a big difference in people's lives I was was really praying. Lord helped me to be a good evangelize or helped me to to be a face. Builder helped me to. I WANNA be your instrument. I WANNA make a big difference in people's lives. They need you Lord. I want to help them. Really get to how much you're there for them. And while I was praying that I detected just off to my right maybe about five feet away the presence of a woman wearing blue normally give visions and I couldn't see it very clearly but it was there she was there. I knew it was a woman and as I said. Lord what's going on? I then knew it was the blessed mother and I'm saying okay. Why is the blessed mother visiting me? Who Am I? Why wasn't mother visiting mate? I continue praying and then she disappeared and I went on with the rest of the event that we have the conference. We were attending eventually. When we ended up in Florida. We were still unpacking and the man who put on that training school. In Pensacola we had moved by the way to the Tampa area. Which is a seven hour. Drive between Pensacola and where we lived and the man who put on that Pensacola School's name was Charlie Osbourne he just so quote unquote happened to beginning a seminar in a town where we had just moved so Ralph and I decided that we were going to go and say hello.

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