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So on this dark siren show we go from wales to prawns dean jerry gyms cocaine adversity in townsville is trying to bring you better ones and avoid a national prone crisis way concentrating on the best of the best which is the joint black tiger pro one and this is the largest prone spacey's actually we have in australia and its high value and it's perfect for farming i'm what are you trying to improve on it a lot of people don't realize how young equa culture is compared to cy livestock in plant production industry's aesthetically what we're trying to do is bring the humble prone agriculture industry up to the level of that of the poultry and pigs and the beef and the plant we've our knowledge about genetic braiding so that we can start to actually produce highly productive found front bigger and more bigger than might be healthier for instance may be the higher mega three levels but also that more main able for the farmer also to be able to find themselves that a disease tolerant and how do you do that is by direct genetic engineering or do you breed them which might take a little bit of time yes basically we applaud on traditional animal breeding techniques where we identify the best individuals within the population side the fastest growing families and we choose them as the parents of the next generation but over lying with that we're using genomics to understand we've been the jean wear they might be information that we can use to increase us picking the best individuals from that population so it's been a buyer if it's a bit of our school we've really high tech genomics and this is exactly what all the livestock in plant breeding industries use these days so you don't making a genetically modified pro not that that would necessarily put me off personally but how you getting on are they getting bigger this has been enormous man.

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