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Out all right there instead of making six figures. I mean this may be big numbers for for some people but it seems so easy to make that kind of money money. This way that it wouldn't even be the comfort zone was has to be hard if it's easy it's a warning sign. I shouldn't go down on that road because that can't be real so it's really about finding were you on comfort zone is yes and I know a lot of people. Just try to you say uncomfortable. I just wanted to reiterate that on comfort zone. That's uncomfortable where is it. What is this and to step into that? Teach it also in sacred sales because you know when you have sales conversations with people and everyone has sales conversations because everyone who is who's in business in some form Even if your video husbands or wives you you have sales conversations about who brings out the garbage chutes negotiating right and some people are really scared when the conversation comes up. Hi there is this fear About worth in the fear about people experiences. Is this uncomfortableness that they're feeling because you know you're you're saying what you're worth and in that moment. Yes we all need to do and practice standing in your sire. That's recall it standing in the fire. Fire another example. The metaphor that I like to use is is an oyster. An oyster you know. Is this this closed up but what happens is the the sand gets in an irritation. It irritates it. You're a tate's in irritated until till it develops a beautiful Pearl So that rob. I'll take this for Michael Beckwith. The Rub is what makes us. It's like the diamond in the rough. You Polish you keep working keep working. And that's what we're all here to do is to keep working so we can be the best that we can be here in every moment. Yeah Yeah and I love that the part that I love to is okay. If you do the rob and you do that uncomfortableness make sure that you have enough support. Become part of a community we have we have our community and our clients. They get lots of support. They support each other. They get support from us. That's important because you you put your toe out and you try things new and you want to change you. Something and it's easier to support and women are great facade. They just need to reach out and find the right place and find the right mentor to really get the right support so that they are in that uncomfortable not alone -solutely. That's really important. If you are making that decision okay I want to change things things for myself. I WANNA make more money WANNA build my business or start a business that you get that support and the community so so that you can thrive in that when it gets uncomfortable or you just want to hide. You know that there's a reaching hand helping hand there for you to keep going. I'll keep going feel the fear anyway. Love me and and you know maybe it's because I have had the lack of family support. My support comes through my spirituality You Know I. I am an advocate for going to my God source that that's where I get my support when he you know human beings can always give it it to you so that's where that that spiritual peace comes in that too. That's extremely important. Yeah well but I what I loved. Oh see Ramin mm-hmm and support each other. There's a lot of spirituality that yes well. It is when collaboration yes with my business partner. We are collaborating. We build a business in two years. A million dollar business in two years and there is you grow you know and there's a lot of giving and taking and collaborating and catering gating and that's the beautiful part that women have that if there is a lot of neutrality in in that oh well produce spirituality and action exactly totally. Yeah it's been wonderful. Is there anything else that you would like to add before we finish. I think we're coming to the end here and I and I just. I'm so grateful that you are here. And you've been able to share your wonderful information and the your story and thank you. Thank you so much. Well the last thing I would say is maybe a lot of people a worried about their walls but some money wall. If it's a wall that keeps you away from things. They always say. The Most Dangerous Wall came down. The Berlin Wall came down in any of your walls can come down amen. Yes and and that's that's the last thing I would really love to share that that and you know I I used to live. Did we survive the odds. The Wall came down the freedom here and so the possibility for anybody. Anybody out there to thrive and to build whatever they want to build this here. He's already here. Yes yes and you I must see it in your mind. We hope you enjoyed today's episode of wealth. Transformation we encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. 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