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It just like Rob Kendall. And it's a constant battle in our house. As we teach our 47 and two year old how to speak properly. This is what makes Rob insufferable at time. This is what makes me insufferable. Um Missy. He writes. Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Finally there is someone who pronounces crowns like I do crowns. Thank you, Rob for the validation. I've been ribbed about my pronunciations that school born and raised in Pennsylvania and, uh, Chrisman Chrisman. That's an interesting name. So it's an interesting spelling of it, too, Huh? Chrisman writes. Good guy named Christmas is going to lecture me about pronunciations. I don't know if it's a guy or a girl. That is a It's a non specific name. Well, that's a good point, so I don't know. Non binary person and Christmas. Chrisman writes Good morning from Texas. When my daughters were growing up, they tried to pronounce them crowns. And I deliberately corrected them to crayons. And my youngest daughter who will be 27 this Friday, gleefully correct her niece and nephew when they try to call them crowns. Rob Grow up. It's crayon. Love you guys. Uh, yeah, that has to be a woman because she was involved in raising the Children. So we all know what Dad wouldn't care about that. We all know Dad's sitting around that's crayon. So, yes, Sorry, Chris. Usman. I'm happy, heavy betting. That's the woman. Also, your name is really cool. Yes, that And that's something like that. You know, as someone who spelled their name with a Y when I was younger was Robbie. I've always I've always had Benson. You spelled it like Robbie Benson. Whose? Robbie Benson Oh, my God. Is that related to Chad Benson? You can hear nights on WBC. My God, You just made me feel so old, actually. Now I have to confirm that it was spelled that way. Yes, Robbie with a Y. Yeah, so I've always been fond of people who have spell their names with the with the Y You don't know who Robbie Benson is. Who is it? He wasn't He was in that movie ice castles. What? What was this, like a lifetime thing or something? No, it was a very, very popular movie called Ice Castles. Castles. Yes, it was such a great movie. It's just one of my favorites like the seventies or it was a 78 movie. 19 Mark. I was born in 83. And it has that like that seem song looking through the eyes of love member. No, I wasn't alive. Oh, my God. It's like one of my most favorite movies from forever ago. I love that movie. But anyway, Robbie Benson started that is that it is that like his whole thing he was, I'm sure he was another stuff. But that's like his most memorable role to me. Okay, Here he is. I'm clicking on his his name here. No, I've never seen this guy ever. I have no idea who he is. Oh, my gosh. Okay. Anyway, that is not at all what I wanted to talk about. So what I wanted to talk about is Covid and the fact that I think it's fairly likely that we may see further restrictions and mandates than what we've already seen, which is terrifying. Well, and it's It's shows how lack of science it is. Because now you're actually and they're saying it quietly. You're starting to see this idea. One of the covid. Fade in many places and to The CDC screwed up and we started talking about the CDC initially said 70% Herd immunity they now estimate between people who have had the covid and had the shot. We're probably at 80 to 85%. So wait a second. If heard of herd immunity was 70. And you're estimating between people with the antibodies and the and the shot were 80 to 85. What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we doing? Well, Dr Leana Wen, who you may recall from such things as once being the CEO of Planned Parenthood, so she really cares about life. Yes, that's at the forefront of her thinking She believes that we should restrict air travel. Take a listen. I absolutely think we should have that requirement. I think it was a major oversight on the part of the Biden administration to not issue this yesterday. And we have to talk about the reason. The reason isn't so much that we need to keep our train travel and plane travel even safer. They are pretty safe, although I definitely think that having a vaccine requirement would make it even safer and probably encouraged many people who are vaccinated or what young kids and want to protect them. Maybe it will help to encourage those people to start traveling again. But there's an even bigger reason to which is I think we really need to make it clear that there are privileges associated with being an American, that if you wish to have these privileges you need to get vaccinated, travel and having the right to travel in our state. It's not a constitutional right as far as I'm as far as I know to to to to board a plane. And so saying that if you want to stay unvaccinated, that's your choice. But if you want to travel, you better go get that vaccine doctor when Jeffrey because the other thing that's not a constitutional right is abortion. Yeah. So weird. Uh, well, you know, I think maybe this country would be better off if no one was flying anymore. You know how I feel about flying. So I'm not gonna die on that hill. Um, but think about where we and people again need to Need to realize if you actually take stock because there's some people you're just never going to convince the government could say or do whatever they want, and people would go. Oh, thank you Government for saving me. I'm going to bet, though. The vast majority of our audience are free thinking people. So what's free? Think Through this together? We started at 15 days to flatten the curve and within 20 months now shouldn't be allowed out in society unless you get an experimental Inoculation and not just one of them, but at least in Israel. Europe to four. Right? We're talking of fourth booster not to make this funny, but it's like a real life version of Anchorman Boy that escalated quickly and they will not stop. That's what people don't you can get. Three boosters. Eight boosters, 10, It's It's never stopping until you Stop it! Exactly. People have to stand up and stop it. And I hope they do. And I hope if there are these ridiculous proposed restrictions on domestic travel, which I cannot fathom that they are actually considering this at all. But they better do it after my trip to Vegas, uh, not to be selfish about it. I mean, it's it's coming again. You know they're going to. They're going to try to do it and we will see whether the people care up are going to allow it to happen and they're going to try. You know what's going to happen. You can prepare for it this time. I think a lot of people were caught off guard last year, but if you see it coming and you allow it to happen, then it's on you Well, and Dr Nicole Sapphire. Who is that absolutely phenomenal, doctor. That appears on Fox News from time to time, Gorgeous. Gorgeous woman she posted today and I retweeted. It's an amazing admission. A study by the Atlantic What's your name? Nicole Sapphire. A new study suggests that almost half of those people hospitalized with Covid 19 are mild or asymptomatic for Covid 19, and they're actually hospitalized for other conditions, but because they have been hospitalized, they've been automatically Tested and it just so happened they have covid. So this is pretty remarkable considering that hospitalization rates have been long used to terrify us all to be included in part of that fear porn, right? That is a hugely problematic thing for this administration, which is living for scaring everybody right now. Bad. I just looked this woman up and she is, uh, she's not unattractive. I told you she's gorgeous, and I'm more apt to trust beautiful people. But I thought you weren't someone that paid attention to the appearances of others. Look, all the rules go out the window when it comes to my personal health market. She is. She's wonderful. I love any time that she's on. She's really, really good. Are you breaking down information Would have you ever had an attractive like physician or I had a really good looking dentist? So yeah. Yeah,.

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