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Lose rows north and one by nine points more than anyone ever thought he was going thing that happens when you tell people that ms thirteen is in your basement there it's a problem they open their door and it's it's it's not sicario you know and so they're like well i'm going to vote on the things i was going to vote on this morning that's not fair norfolk had just been liberated from ms thirteen i've seen town liberated i thought that in comal is response to the white house tweeting that gross shit at her was great which was as a career prosecutor i actually went after gangs and transnational criminal organization that's being leader on public safety what is not is ripping babies from their mothers yeah i agree not so hard framed perfectly she is very smart let's all move on the also just one of two it's like oh you think that there's someone who's pro who's pro republican and his an immigration voter and you think that abolish isis going to cause us to lose them you think we haven't lot you think we can get him back by talking about reforming ice as opposed to eliminating is like where is this nuance for you going to take us and i and to tommy's point though i do understand this is no we talk about health care we talk about taxes something they can unite our base with some of these swing obama trump voters right immigration is different immigration is tough in this country and there's an argument that you have to make especially to a lot of people in this country who are who have been told over many many years that immigration is connected to crime that it's connecting to connected to depressing wages that people taking their benefits and all that stuff in there is a way to message this that will appeal to the broadest possible audience i'm all for messages that do that but again democrats can't just run away from stuff that's out there right you've got to figure out something to say because trump and the republicans will make this issue and they will make it a debate and we have to respond by not seeming afraid of the strike because there's a difference between wanting to run on healthcare and ignoring immigration and wanting to run on healthcare let's still being confident in your position immigration and making a case and then going back to healthcare issues don't always start up you have to frame them you have to make a case and like i think sean mckell we in the people who've been really driving this movement online like they're pretty honest that their goal is to widen into broaden the conversation about how to fix our immigration system from just like building a seventy five foot wall instead of a sixty foot wall to like actually dealing with the terrible enforcement nicorette mart that's good for them okay when we come back you will hear from all kinds of people that we talked to at the families belong together march in la on saturday so joy but the america's brought to you.

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