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That that was that was not an actual chiefs one. I'm just telling you. I've seen so many of these because when the punters and kickers are warming up that is when those are running or what. The nfl is always tried to get ahead of it. But i wonder after that first weekend maybe up in the nose bleeds in some different cities that have some people that are okay in bad about protecting themselves with other drugs that are potentially going in there. I wonder how that'll get handled if the nfl faces the same shit. That's going on everywhere else. I would imagine the. Nfl is hoping that they get lucky. And that something like this doesn't happen because there's going to be people walking around looking for this all over it's gonna added can hope to do though is that people don't get it on film but they don't catch eat it off. Fill eyeless stare down the barrel of reality okay. There is going to be somebody getting their jaw. Moved it a nfl stadium. Probably opening preseason week. Oh yeah if we had to guess maybe not probably regular season when there's actual passion everything like that. But there is some stadiums that their fan base enjoy a k. In will come running her mouth and not in this city. Hey not in this city. That's there are some places that are like that. Don't get talked about enough. And that's why the nfl news come out and say hey. Look if you're an eagles fan and know some cowboys fans or in your face in your home stadium. You can't do anything or on the opposite side. You tell people. Hey if you're not a fan of the home team don't be going games that you're not you know shit won't be no shit not supposed to be a victim blaming society right never but we talked about people being the best best shoving their skills in quarantine. I think a lot of people sat at home and forgot there are consequences for saying on the internet. And when you get into real life you're gonna get socked in the mouth. There's a guy last night who was very lucky. There wasn't a blowout at that. Padres dodgers game. The padres guy is full on finger in this dodgers fans face after they won the game. Another one oh at the guy just took it like nothing happened. I was not. How do we feel also wanna be a bad guy there. But hey i mean he's got run on. Tv with that guy. Did in the parking lot check on the dude who flipped off the other guy. Maybe everybody be a little bit more courteous to each other. This won't be sure. I think and i might be wrong. Maybe there are headhunters that are paying a hundred and fifty dollars to go watch sport team and act as if there a massive fan. Wear the uniform and everything in. Maybe there's people that are going into these places and just look into knock somebody out. Okay there is humans in society that exists i guess that just like punching random people fighting random people whatever but if somebody is drunk in that invested in chooses to go let their passion and everything takeover and they are in not friendly territory like. There's a chance that person's going to punch forever by the way that's not just in sports that's in life as well. I don't know how they'll they'll figure that whole thing up with the consequences. People there are some people. Just don't think about consequences. They think they can just do whatever they want. I think these videos getting out. You guys compile them fox doing a great job put it to music. It may remind people that maybe teetering on the edge. Hey my thinking about being an idiot or not. oh i gotta remember. I was watching pat show. I saw the clip. Fifteen dudes get knocked out one. Don't listen. I like to get drunk like to have good time when i get drunk. Sometimes i'll say some things people that i don't mean i probably shouldn't do. Any more people are getting knocked. Fucking for then. I'll go try at one time. Let's talk you out if that was that god. What if that guy that was in one of these punches. His the nuggets guy. What if the nuggets guys friends okay. Those guys can't do this okay. You saw what happened with the padres thing you guys get drunk you start talking shit. You start doing her thing now. We don't bang embarrassing now. They're trying to flip the whole thing. But that is something you kind of. Check yourself before you literally get wrecked yourself by somebody else at a game whenever you're potentially walking back into society not just gain by anywhere the padres guy who got knocked out. That was kind of an elder white. So these people you know who who don't hear this rather who a little older they might still think. I still got the juice nothing to worry. I'm an older guy. If that guy was an older drunk shit talker at a sports game assume he. He is a fan of the show. We apologize we apologize for what happened to your face from what we observed it. You just gotta you know maybe pipe down next time respect for not pressing charges. Because clearly you know you you knew that you deserve high legit said no. I'm not doing it. There's a couple of things we have to address here before we get to our first break. We got scoot scoot study miller. Joining us can't wait to chat with him. We got another twenty five thousand dollars and driven answer. Would i have to read this again. Yeah i have to get this so today. The potential final day of hashtag pm hundred k. Giveaway week today's day. Four which we've already given away seventy five thousand dollars. We will give away another twenty five thousand today which will lead to what one hundred thousand dollars in the last four days on the first day. We didn't just give away twenty five grand. We also gave away a golf cart on the second day. We didn't just give away. Twenty five k. We gave away two. Tv's we didn't just give away twenty five k. And we gave away two thousand dollar golf. Set you in today. We'll give away twenty five thousand dollars and a john deere z. Three seventy five are fifty four inch twenty. Five horse are dass dole. Hydro static z. Turn riding and more.

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