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Com offer code radio ship station make ship happen the Frank that show news talk seven sixty W. J. R. alright I want to look into the future here and tell you about a column that is being written for all of you want to read it will be in the newspapers here within the next day or so as written by our next yes the senator for Michigan's twenty six district the Republican from walking Eric Nesbitt who who's column and we've got a an advance copy of it the talks about the budget process and he thinks that we are very close to putting our problems with the budget behind us because of the the talks have been going on behind the scenes up in Lansing senator Eric now has been on the other end of a long good morning to you thanks for having me Frank book from your lips to god's ears we can get this budget process simple for how to get it done more quickly yeah I know the legislature sent the appointment to the governor's office and so now we're gonna be waiting on her signature and and sold in the in the the new legislation that you have crafted here well what it what exactly what to do really restores a lot of the cuts the governor did not all the time but some of the higher priority cuts and she remembers March of of this year she interviews or budget with nearly two point eight million dollars worth of tax increases to nap when dollars higher taxes for drivers to win a million dollars of higher taxes for small business terms one that would have really hurt families seniors since and and our drivers here in the state knows what we're jacked earlier this year by both Democrats and Republicans even the house democratic leader called the governor's tax increase proposals extreme and so everything hung around that from the governor's perspective we passed a budget on time by October first in terms of the the deadline and the governor when I had to be told about a billion dollars worth of items and and use a bureaucratic method to transfer funding of about six hundred fifty million dollars worth of items that was a legislative legislatively approved as we saw that included there's only five million dollars cut to roads twenty five million dollars is transferred from local bridge programs to to buses but it didn't restore these findings what was restored was really wanting to treat Alzheimer's autism's opiate into the addiction programs don't let you off the trolls she cut her share control I just talked to one of my shirts yesterday and says that I have a few deputies are going to have a good Christmas stuff is not gonna get layoff notices to sign us well that's that's great news and we we just hope she will are you are you optimistic that she will according to leadership in the deal the or mayor last ten days is that shoot she will sorry Mr and she won't use her up your abilities to transfer finding any anywhere else is is the deal and we're going to be fun we felt this one was saying that the legislature is going to have to get a budget to the governor by July first of every year that's where when local municipalities and school district start the fiscal year we did that under governor Snyder for eight years in a row we got on a budget by the end of June so they could make up planning and so I do feel that and then it limits her ability to use the transfer abilities without legislative approval in the future so I think we got a good deal protecting taxpayers also prioritized in our children and and law enforcement it's just too bad that she rejected for a million dollars worth of funding for roads and bridges without X. grace yeah in the meantime she did shift around a lot of money as we mentioned earlier and I think it was ninety million extra went to the to the attorney general's office and that just to get me absolutely puzzled when we're cutting pure Michigan a right out of the budget completely yeah I know its something where with you this is the reminder part is when in September we decided to separate roads with the budget number massive gas tax increase on the budget process let's get the budget and not all forty five dollars and to the budget soon found out on grocer in revenue in the roads and bridges and she walked away from the table that because we weren't included a tax increase on it and I was sent to lance who defied ones to partner times just increased and increased permit yeah we've we've tried that before and that didn't work so well it give us the lost decade under governor Grandval wellness is a reminder is that under that law he she hastened spending state transportation spending went down eight percent during those eight years okay over the last eight years under governor Snyder transportation spending was one up eighty nine percent state transportation spending that is that enough that's a different question but the fact of the matter is that we are ties.

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