San Diego, VA, Los Angeles Police Department discussed on Healing Quest


San Diego are set to resume burial ceremonies on June ninth after a long pause due to the corona virus the VA says that as of this Tuesday the department will begin contacting families of veterans buried between March twenty third and June eighth to arrange belated memorial services beginning in July black lives matter and other civil rights groups are suing the Los Angeles Police Department over the way police officers have dealt with anti police brutality protests during the past two weeks in a statement the national lawyers guild says it filed a class action lawsuit in Los Angeles federal court yesterday on behalf of the LA chapter of BLM and the Los Angeles community action network delta airlines is going to stop flying to and from Santa Barbara's of July eighth as a cost cutting measure in response to the massive drop in passenger traffic during the corona virus pandemic I'm reliable on for sixteen KFBK traffic florist in eighty westbound bearing the roadway is reduced to one lane for the ditch slope stabilization project there are long term closures of the ferry on and off ramps expected during the construction and that's not set to complete until the summer of next year in the woodland area southbound five at the Vietnam veterans rest area that is closed for landscape work not set to re open and tell December first looking at northbound five in Sacramento between Jay street and Richards Boulevard roadway will be reduced to two lanes and tell five AM Alden Jake of news ninety three point one K..

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