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Kansas city which i think everybody expecting any city to win I do think they may have rushed back. Breeze loo quick breeze does not look like breeze. He looks a like he's aged His arm strength is not there hadn't been all year So saint number two. But i do have concerns like you have The only thing that keeps me going with saints is that defense is ferocious They are taught five and league and when healthy it's really really hard to be done Number one it has been all year long. Kim city chiefs can't the now what they're doing a like a more this year. That defense is great. the offense is winnie and other ways besides faster. Mahomes arm So gimme reason to not put casey at number one and i'll do it but Right now casey is my number one team natalie. That's going to change there. You go very similar very similar. I'm shocked you have baltimore. I arrested with. But i can't believe you're jumping cleveland in my leland game. It did it for me. I saw devolved team. Yeah now they dominated that game and if they're a secondary hadn't been hurt so much they've they've they wouldn't have been closed at the end but it was and it gave us one hell of a game to watch. I mean that. That game was amazing last monday night. Oh yeah it really was as best monday night game of the year. How easy easy. So tell me what's going on in the news so I'm i'm kind of combining nation last couple of weeks And the current news. So we'll kind of start from the top Jaanus signs supermax deal to stay in milwaukee for five years. He does have an opt out. Clause after four years Smart physician it's fine. I mean i don't know i i love it. It's okay. I mean it doesn't move the needle one way or the other He doesn't move the needle one way. Or the other.

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