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I definitely theaters. jimmy's the starter lance under the gun. This guy fires down failed touchdown. The rich eisen show look out. He's a much bigger huger threat at the position than garoppolo. Is you ready. Maybe knock on the show hold head coach. Frank rake co host of good morning. Football brand. oscar. Nominated actor michael. Keaton still to come host of money court. Kevin o'leary and now rich is our number. Three of the rich eisen show is on the or what a great fun hour we had last. Michael keaton was as advertised. Just terrific. he's in a new film called the protege. That that's terrific. And i recommend you go see a on friday assault last night in advance of the conversation. Today and the celebrity true false. We deal with him was one of our one of our favorites as we hit We had mr mom beetlejuice. That's the right man. I know what not not. All at once in order spread spread those out And and and we also Hit mister rogers neighborhood with him and he was on it. That was great. That was just a fun fun. Conversation after kyle. Brandt joined us from good morning football Our number one frank reich was on the program said the us very encouraged by wentz in quinton nelson can't sit here and say he doesn't have the crystal ball did drop. It is what it is but that was in reference to the taunting stuff. That's out there and his response was terrific on that because it's player. If player is his player. Benny lemay got running back. Got hit with the most talked about taunting penalty of the weekend. And i loved his answer for two reasons. One is he basically said. We don't need to do that around here. When when you channel your energy your team your teammates. That's what he said. He told the team after lemay got fifteen yards for just a nanosecond staring down at the guy. One of the like what four five panthers just troubled thirteen okay he or and their families you know and and so Not only did. I like the answer for that too. But it also echoed what i had to say. Which is the win for me here. This why i do show like this is my right yes to give you my opinion. And then and then have somebody in the league that i cover and talk about exactly what i said. Also where you don't really see coaches thanking interviewers for questions. After that i that i that i Phrase the state and the sense. 'cause i understand talking to nfl coaches now in my nineteen. Th year of doing such figured it out how you phrase it. Yeah i've never. Did you like how i got into the subject of winston quinton nelson and you run the risk of you know making light of their situation because that could have went either way when i started the interview by saying that this interview is going to last anywhere between five twelve minutes to five future. I would've just walked through that door with harbinger interviewed. Nick serianni before like i. I won't do that. But i've interviewed frank reich several times right. He knows. I'm not like a troll. You know so. Jason just told me he just got the five to twelve reference just a whole hour. Two hours not the brightest. Sometimes it's okay. It's alright i'm all of a sudden. Something happen watson costly. He walked just cured cancer. And now he's sitting there and just can't even Walking gum everything ready could And so karl. Brandt was here in our number two and gave a very impassioned plea for the bears to start justin fields week number one and he made an i mean he came up with four five different takes and approaches to say the same thing. Justin field should start and and the best thing had to say is. Because you're not. You're hearing nonstop That maggie matt nagy the coach there was on the chief staff when they drafted mahomes and how he watched mahomes sit for every regular season game until the final regular season game and that that year helped him become the mahomes that he is today mean. I'm giving you the shorthand version of it. But that's the general sense of it. Nagy even said when he came on this. Show right after drafting justin feels. That's the plan. Is that dalton's job. And he wants fields to sit like having a nice year sitting and watching just like the chiefs were able to do with mahomes and he knows that plan he wants to do. It not even said at the time in the middle of the interview. i'm. I'm kind of proud of this too. Which is why. I'm bringing it up. I don't think you're going to have the ability to do that. Coach and part of that is because you know andy. Dalton does not have the bears fan base in the palm of his hand or have the bears fan base Attention and trust because of years of work in system and in that city that alex smith had just built up in kansas city. It's just it's it's not the same scenario. I it's the same scenario that draft somebody in the first round that you drip move up to go get you trade up to go get and you have it. And you want to have marinate and succeed. That's the same scenario. I understand that but everything else is different. So that's the bears approach right now. I as i said. I don't hear in a single person in chicago. Land or know of any an- anybody any bear fan saying you know what i think you know. Slow and shore wins this race. Oh let's start. Dalton certainly against aaron donald and jalen ramsey week. One in the new so-fi on sunday. Night in front of al chris. God and country nbc. I don't know a single person doing it. We do that person in chicago. Is named andy dalton and this is what he had to say on the subject of starting week one and beyond howdy work around the awkwardness of all of the justin excitement. Yeah i mean you. You can't focus on that if you if you focus on that and that's going to beat you down so i know who i am. I know who i was created to be. I know we're.

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