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Towns. Thank you very much. Thank you coming coming up what it means the d._o._j. To treat passer shooting as an act of domestic terrorism the justice department is investigating the mass shooting in el paso texas is a case of domestic terrorism which is rare for these kinds of events for years people have been touting the fact in both the rhetoric and the actual institutional nature of the f._b._i. And the nation's natural security architecture that there is a category terrorism that is inherently it seems seems linked to muslim extremist jihadi views that other forms of extremist political violence have done by white people in pursuit of white supremacy does not get that label and the institutional infrastructure behind it while this is happening. We are seeing all sorts of metrics jesting that there has been a spike in right wing violence according to the anti-defamation league which keeps track of this kind of thing extremists related murders spiked thirty five percent between twenty seven two thousand eighteen and last year. Every one of those murders was carried out by a right wing extremist back back in two thousand nine and domestic terrorism analyst department of homeland security warned about this in an eternal report. He faced enormous backlash from conservative media and republican lawmakers hours after his report was leaked to the press d h s then caved to political pressure rescinded the report and the unit looking at right wing extremism was disbanded he left the department of homeland security went on to write a new book called hate land long hard look at america's extremist at former domestic terrorism. Analyst darrell johnson joins me now giving your history mr johnson given the fact that you wrote that memo in two thousand nine and went through the backlash. What are you thinking now as you watch what we're seeing unfold over the last you're so we'll thank you chris. It's very disheartening year. After year. We have these attacks and yet our legislators and government officials seem to have their heads buried in the sand about this issue so when i see these things happening it's the new normal now. These attacks have been happening practically every month and what are the trends that were you. What were the trends that we identified in my report. Yes exactly yes so we basically basically back in two thousand seven postulated what if barack obama the first african american to run for president got elected and we knew that this this would be a recruitment and radicalization tool used by hate groups to basically swell the ranks and begin conducting violent attacks so that report in two thousand nine was actually really a predictive analysis that warned of a coming threat and yet what we've seen we've seen under bill clinton for instance activated right wing thing <hes> extremist violence famously timothy mcveigh and then several militia groups but what we've seen as in some ways a little bit.

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