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Hundred. That's over at nyra. Bets dot com ever fifty fifty fifty tomorrow bucks at belmont churchill and monmouth churchill. Downs if the car that starts at six right after belmont wraps up That fifty dietrich fifteen dollar bonuses across country pick five tomorrow that involves demont re seven our neighbors to the north woodbine back in action. It's opening day so belmont sevens leg. Would binary seven leg be monday race. Ten then woodbine race. Eight and monmouth race eleven. So there you go seven at belmont. Seven woodbine ten at monmouth eight. It would bind eleven monmouth cross country. Pick five you can play that over at naira bets as well got to opt into the promos now by the way a little bit of a different system they use over there at night. You can opt in at night. Our bets dot com. There's also a A sunday promotion over at loan stock. Well actually have two of the four stakes. That lonestar star has on sunday on in the programming in this program That that sunday the fifty dollar bonus is If you fifty dollars five stakes actually the twenty five dollars to win At least on each on each of the stakes and you'll get a fifty dollars. Bonus wanna lose a pretty good promotion as well had denier but dot com for all of the promotion. Just go right onto the promotion count promotional calendar under special offers. Okay let's kick it off the dancing. And rene what a good philly. She was And turned out to be a nightmare. Say florida sandy. One of the richest new all time was one of her offspring. Got the eighth named after her tomorrow on a ten race card by the way and h rain reunion on talking more says tomorrow. The little a acacia courtney. Going to join me right around eleven thirty so if you want to catch the train the train i left the station here on the horse racing radio network. Catch us tomorrow talking. We're actually gonna be doing all day together as well with maggie. Wolfendale wally in the paddock. Answer nato's race. Eight field of six led by sadie lady lady. Lady bobby a reformed claimer if you will. She's done a lot of good for trainer. Rob actors rob took over her training in the winter of twenty nineteen. I start was an off the war. Finish you just one home. And then it's completely turned around. She's earned a quarter of a million dollars for robin his wife brittany She just got got beat by a couple of links in the grade. Three vagrancy last time out first time backing in state breads since november when she stabbed her toe against this brussel shot. Who's back here going seven furlongs tomorrow. They go her favourite distance six pounds. Technically she's made all that money for owner tennis nordlinger but obviously robinson and brittany along the way and collecting as well and doing a lot of hard work Sadie lady. I think faced tougher competition last time out when she stepped into the graded stakes ranks in the vagrancy pretty well. She finished second. That day showed her normal speed. Just simply could not Outgun victim of love down the lane held off and gail by a nose for that second place position. Pacific gale was a a much more accomplished runner. Going into the vagrancy than sadie lady was so impressed by that that effort even though it was in defeat and to me. There's a lot of speed in this race. But i think sadie lady is the speed of the speed and if she gets in front of this field there may not be that kinda closer like what she saw victim of love last time out trying to chase her down so i put her on top say as lounge. She's the speed She'll be in front of the sources victim of love set right offer last time ultimately victim of love two-time graded stakes winner. Now just worked out the trip off of the speed at the different movies and time is going to be the one on your on your hip and not a great stakes. When i think sadie lady's gonna be real tough. You know. I looked at this race for a while and then i just said she's going to get in front. She's better than these sources. The only horse. I wanna give a little chance to against her. As the one fierce lady who was cut out to be a nice when she was just mishandled by dermott magner they. She broke her made by six lengths. When an eighty seven beyer speed figure. They tried to sell us. She didn't get sold. There was an issue with the sale. Hey ran back. Really she shift to kentucky to sell and then they ship their back saratoga. She got beat the no she came back in one and then like i said just mishandled by magna. It took her a while to get back to good form. She sat off the pace last time out and she's supposed to at the very least have sadie lady and rubies in time chasing three trip here along the inside under louis is. She's the only horse. I wanted to say delay tomorrow. Five one a little turnaround.

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