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The city of Detroit also responding to the corona virus threat we have now partially opened the emergency operations center not because we have any cases but because we expect this likely a matter of days and we want to be up and running when that happens we can respond to which ever address or location there is Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel also warning residents to be aware of potential price gouging in connection to the coronavirus cases in Michigan she says consumers should watch for anyone charging customers in excess of a price previously charge anyone who suspects price gouging should report it immediately president trump will be addressing the nation from the oval office tonight while his administration is considering several things from tax relief to travel advisories to fight coronavirus at a meeting with top bank executives today president said the pay roll tax cut remains under consideration think the payroll tax would be great Democrats are not in favor of it I'm trying to figure out why this is it would be something that would be very good for the the citizens for the people and the longer term for the country and on Capitol Hill today the director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases Dr Anthony Fauci told lawmakers it's gonna get worse the corona virus and it is worse than the flu season people always say well the flu you know the flu does this the flu does that the flu has a mortality of zero point one percent this is a metallic of ten times that the university of Michigan Michigan State University Wayne State University Oakland University Michigan technological university and central Michigan have now announced they are planning to move to online camp classes only again due to this coronavirus the final four will go on but there will be no fans in the stands the NC double a announcing that only essential staff unlimited family members will be able to attend all events there will be basketball games but there will be no audience there on Wall Street today a very rough day do again due to covert nineteen the Dow was down fourteen hundred and sixty four points the nasdaq was down three hundred ninety two the S. and P. was off one forty for W. J. R. news I'm Marie Osborne more the Mitch Albom show was Steve Courtney coming your way into.

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