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To pay Top dollar for 1000 vehicles find new roads. Join the dead friends. Meteorologist Brad Barton. In the W B A P Weather center is going to be a very nice day Sunny, a little breezy out of the Northeast high of 90 this afternoon lows tonight. Either side of 70 and then sunny and warm with a high of 91 Tomorrow, 93 on Friday this weekend highs are also going to be in the like low to mid nineties. Um, if you're waiting for a taste to fall You're going to have to wait about one more week. Next Wednesday looks pretty promising right now. At W B A P 69 degrees News brought to you by Texas Farm Bureau. Mutual Insurance. The head of the Texas has traveled foster care system was grilled. During a federal hearing Tuesday. FPs Commissioner Jamie Masters was questioned by Paul Yetter, an attorney representing Children in foster care. You're failing these Children without safe placements by not putting them in a safe place to live. Isn't the state doing that Commissioner Masters? How do you feel like I am failing? In Children. Meantime, traveling new report states that Children who have not been placed are being watched by supervisors who lacked training. The judge who has presided over many hearings on the issue, said that she's tired of too much talk and little action. She tasked everyone involved to find a solution. Kim Lampkin is W B A P news. Federal officials gave the green light for temporary storage of highly radioactive waste in West Texas. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission granted a license to interim storage partners to build and run a facility near the Texas New Mexico border. The facility would take up to 5000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel rods from power plants and 231 million tons of other radioactive waste. The move sets up a showdown with state officials were opposition to nuclear waste storage has been building for years. Last week, Governor Abbott signed a bill to ban storing or shipping of such waste and Texas Now a check on Texas business sponsored by the law office of Nick Nemeth here, Spencer McGowan from Network Radio. Microsoft raised its dividend by 11%. Nice pay raise, They're going to buy back $60 billion worth of stock. The Dow down 24 points. That's 34,400 at the opening down a little over 3% from the recent record High West Texas intermediate crude 71 56 of the dollar 10 gaining momentum. Natural gas $5.42 per million BTUs. It's not just the gulf storms. Europe's natural gas shortage is having a global impact. Spencer Macau and President McGowan Group network radio dot com From the double Globeop news desk, I'm Nicolo say your next update is at 8 24 7 coverage at w.

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