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A new u. n. report on the situation in Myanmar is blunt, says top me on mar military generals must be investigated and prosecuted for genocide the report stems from UN fact-finding mission in which a panel found evidence that the military and refined state were quote, killing indiscriminately, gang raping women, assaulting children and burning entire villages and quote, Christopher civility is one of the three members of the panel who will present their full report to the UN Human Rights Council next month. We reached him in Geneva. Mr. Sedona he what evidence of genocide did you find on this fact finding mission? We found a great deal of evidence because we spoke to a very large number of people the three of us and the stuff's by two eight hundred seventy five. I witnesses and survivors who told us precisely what they saw, what happened. Into them. We were also able to look at video evidence and Fateh graphic evidence, both of which we verified and satellite imagery. So the evidence that we had was comprehensive and it indicated to us that crimes against humanity war crimes. And in the case of recline state, genocide will issues that needed to be addressed. You have named specific people in the report, take us through what you claim. They have done. The specific people that we named the talk of the military command of the commander in chief, the deputy commander in chief and Ford divisional commanders, we side that they now need to be investigated for individual liablity full these serious international crimes. And if the investigations warrants prosecutions Sogeti recount state for crimes against humanity and war crimes in recline Khachigian and Shan states of Myanmar. So what do you think the next. Depp's would be for them to hold them to account. The immediate next step is to establish a a special mechanism of the United Nations to look at the collection of prosecutorial evidence and to make a decision on whether the evidence warranted taking them to court. After that thin, they needs to be an international court with jurisdiction to deal with that evidence in the prosecution's. The one thing that we are convinced off is that the judicial mehcanism 's in Myanmar itself a not adequate to the task of trying these very serious crimes under international law beyond the military leadership. The report also singles out me and Mars civilian leader Aung song Suci. What does the report say about her? The reporting to Kate's that the civilian authorities have contributed to the atrocities that we have found. We certainly did not find any evidence. The civilian authorities were involved in the planning and the implementation of the operations. But they firstly did nothing to prevent them from occurring. And Secondly more actively, they shielded the military. By indulging in misinformation about by the nine and covering up what was going on. And so they made a contribution, but the principal liability, the principal responsibility lies with the military leadership. What about those in the international community who have failed to stop the violence dust far, has the United Nations itself done enough up to this point, but very difficult to sign again, has not been the primary focus of our investigations. We have, however made a recommendation that they needs to beating quiry into the United Nations response for no other reason, Fano bitter as in times of, but just learning what is being done to to discovering way the deficiencies were with a more could've been done. It's necessary for the UN to learn the lessons of each of these kinds of catastrophic experiences and ensure that we do that are in future..

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