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Not just just mean into the historical background i mean research into the characters the relationship the relationship you're fictional world would have to everyday reality all these how much of that should you already know before you actually start the book and i've never been able to get settled on a consistent rule about this nineteen this is one of the most important decisions for any novelist pushing putting yourself on somewhere on that spectrum are you one of the writers at least for this book there starts with almost no idea and then you end up with something beautifully messy that you can then shape and reshape he won't tepe quite a lot of planning to quite a lot of things and then you proceed quite carefully and there's pros and cons to both the purchase so the remains of the day i had to just straightforward kind of historical research as a scholar with do i read a lot of i was in the line library your lot reading about i was reading actually things written at the time in the nineteen twenties thirties political pamphlets biographies of known entities who thought they were terribly important right there to buy there were a lot of irish the crafts in britain who felt the world should know what about them but actually they were revealing red fascinating things like most these autobiography mostly was the british fascist leader british union fascist his kind of justifications for what he done you later enough these things were fascinating so i did an enormous amount of historical research some of it was just for my interest but then at some point i had to start writing my novel and i did this crash.

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