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The all of schultz we've gained to be chancellor if this collision that he's now concocting comes depression. He was finance minister under yesterday. So let's take down a few notches all the hype about the great changes in german and the other point which is a very important to points. If i may quickly one brief ones firstly steady that hit out country hearing and than ten was first practicing two thousand and nine not to such an extent was. I practiced put into place in german into thousand nine two thousand without a two thousand nine by the social democrats themselves. So it's not as if the social democrats have an anti austerity depart. They were the inventors overstay and they practiced ruthless leak in germany. And finally the point. I need to make whoever is in this government and whether leads this government this is going to contain for the first time since ages the so-called free democratic the free democrats of germany. The which is a very strong of stadium. Right-wing libertarian even party and they are going exact bond the flesh from social democrats over the christian democrats or the greens. Join them up their price for joining. The government will be business usual. W- janas of our focus. You've argued in articles you published in the new statesman jacobin that of that miracles austerity policies condemned europe germany to decline. But could you expand on that happily. I remember lehman brothers and the great financial meltdown of two thousand and eight very soon. After that found out to have these belief that the german banks would also kaput bankrupt and so with the french bank so were all the banks in the european union including the british ones and they had to actually salvage them like president. Obama did in the united states except that president obama paeans had given up on having any central bank and national central bank so they affected a cynical transfer of instead of printing money instead of having the central bank of europe. Cb the money which is what im- guide that and lies and back. Obama did in the united states instead of doing they transfer their losses shoulders. The weakest taxpayers who were greeks..

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