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We've had we've had all of Rhode books pretty much. We love rolled out to look with the road dogs. And yeah, very cool. I love that so much thanks for being people. Just being on the hill. Yeah. By that library, gang. That's what I was in. Yeah. So when the positive DM's and stuff make you like reach you make you feel things is that the same of the negative ones. The negative ones. I'm sorry. I'm just I'm just assuming that you're I mean. Yeah. Well, of course, you're getting negativeness why you know. The the nature of the internet. The negative ones day really the negative ones that really shocked me actually because artists is assume then expect that I'm going to get negative to. I'm a woman being like being loud and proud and a woman in a predominately male space. I'm going to get hey, like black women know, even should just raise the whole black women fun. But black women do get a lot of hey way, more than what women way more than an Asian women and way more than men. So Diane, Abbott. She gets the most of us out every empty not the work MP by fall. She's the worst MP, but she gets the most difference and the most abuse Al every M P in the country. Why? So for me, I'll do something. For example. I'll go on nyc. I used to present a show clued Zoe Boulogne fatty so already had a weekend morning show stable in fat as able and Sunday, and it was right lie entertainment chat. And I had a spot regular sport. I was present in a segment who trend to news of London. He's and every week. I will come in and talk about whatever the hell. I wanted to make it funny. Do a game with the guests. It was really fun. And I did it. Yeah. I did pretty much every week every other week. And there was always a tweet from someone going. I call it her stunned her, and it's usually women as well. She's just she Vogler this horrible. And I'm like babe, I'm cute. I'm bloody chew, and I'm going to show just being cute Hon, I'm not saying and even offensive I'm being cheeky and cute and fun. But this loud Fogel, and it was just like, you just cannot see. A woman just be a woman in a space. The I was on the show with like Russell brand. And Russell brand can be loud, and whatever and bustle, Brandon. It's like, yeah. It's fun. But if I'm like a little decibel above a squeak, and it's actually shot song loud. Oh my God had to. Oh, it's like a no to anything that he's of milk. Comex on doing, but it's just got to you because I happen to be women. And I happen to be black, and it's up to you. Save your black. She got so much hate on strictly for what I don't know. She was just really Don thin, and I can't stand. She's so self is. She is she just really good at Dunton. Are you protecting your year? Your own channelize because she's really good at dawn thin like 'cause I just thought chick that was really good at and that's because I'm okay with myself. I love myself when you love yourself your project in your negative cells all these people and the louder they go out. That's the fatness and stuff. It's so much fun. Because people can be like, it's not really for me. I don't mean to see the point. But then you go far enough. But then the people who are like, I hope you. Oh, I feel like you might be sad about something else. For example, you posted a picture of you like you wanna bet on your bed, and he drew a face. And I was like such about us. Double tap like. But then I remembered I saw off a chick, and she was like really big eating cake on a cover of a magazine or something recently and everyone which is so angered by it. And I went are full of that when I fought with you, and I was like she's actually offended like Sophie's offending people. Oh, people fucking people globally hate. So for saying on how bad I'm love the fact that she's a big. Oh, like, and then I thought wow. How sad must you be that someone else's happiness. Could you happy in the Santa? That's the thing. It's that, you know, your anger about someone being happy. Yeah. Oh my God..

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