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A billion skate one against three through center send in a deep and the islanders will change behind him colville yet still working hard years the alba's get four fresh bodies on the ice point chuck down the right wing maltepe in washington ice to the corner 10 outta anthony billion a 4on4 strong the letting at center point kanafani shooting laid fires and he just missed it wide right along the ice in the final minute of the second put washington holding a 32 lead genera sent that left wing corner capital zone gives case capitals able to chip it off the near glass at the center lety starts again in the new york again and boy chuck go back and forth you before nick turned it over wilson sent that right back in boy chuck in the far corner to let in the near but once again he couldn't get it out and wilson though unable a whole of of live we'll dragged down at center thirty seconds to go in the middle sanza eller in front of the penalty boxes roles in an islander ice we're right on letise stick stretch pasok's this man that's nelson right wing over the washington went down the slot but his thick lifted from behind on a beautiful defensive play by lars eller as elite developing two on wada's elliott turned on his wheels got by three capitals but just stick lifted at the last moment five seconds to go in the period dennis seidenberg jobs offer calvin to checks the clock from behind is net and the horn all sound ending a accepted period tonight capital one arena here in washington dc with our score the capitols three and the islanders to only two goals in that second period hard to believe with the way that pace was going back and forth but they come twelve seconds apart the islanders continue to have success on the powerplays anders lee puts hold a tictactoe goal josh bailey picks up the primary assists par cell picks up the secondary bailey has himself the to assist night anders lee a two point night with a goal and in assisted and out chased gotta backed just twelve seconds later his first as a member of the washington capitals unofficial shots in that second period favor the islanders eight to six they're out sheet in the.

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