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At seven oh two two five seven five three nine six are coming up here at the eleven AM we're gonna be speaking with a man by the name of Carl Goldman he was on the diamond princess cruise he owns radio stations out there I believe in California he contracted the virus he was put in quarantine didn't see his wife for months my understanding is in the course of last week he finally has been okay to go home so it'll be really interesting conversation with Carl Goldman coming up in our number three but as I said the show is about you we want to take your phone calls you want to hear from you questions comments seven oh two two five seven five three nine six let's go to mark mark thanks for waiting patiently on hold my friend how are you Hey I'm I'm doing okay Brian and JD we check our temperature every morning and I finally found out that there is one thing normal about me right now what's that my temperature well that's good that's a good thing we're happy to hear that so if you're being vigilant with your wife a cop and I'm I'm gonna make a couple points one year ago has that the nineteen eighteen influenza epidemic oftentimes to people who died for those who were young and healthy and had stronger immune systems because it was him Yun system response that got him into trouble and with this virus the coronavirus cope with nineteen a lot of times what's happening is that you get these high fevers who gets an ammonia and oftentimes that your own body's response that in some right wing do so don't be too sanguine about having a strong immune system it's a really strong immune systems are called autoimmune diseases like lupus and so forth right right right now that makes a lot of sense can I ask you a if you don't mind you're married right Sir yes if you don't mind answering this how is this I mean I wouldn't how long you been married for if you don't mind me asking no not at all nineteen ninety eight so thank you there's a reason why I ask that Sir because you know as JD mention and I agree with them this is a could affect some relationships and kind of put you to the test how how is it been with your wife you know being in in a quarantine in your home are you guys getting along okay are you guys getting a little nasty to each other from time to time because I live by myself and I'm getting nasty with myself I'm in a bad mood you know I mean subsurface landing so how are you guys able to handle this you know being basically trapped in your home well you know you have to keep a sense of humor with each other and a little bit of space doesn't hurt occasionally and allow everybody their own bit of life so to speak you know that we don't always have the same interests and so forth so you give them a space and they give you a little space and it seems to it seems to work out that way well I'm glad to hear that and and and thank you for calling in and I'm glad you're doing that you want your your washing your hands and I'm glad things are going good with your wife I was just curious because you know I don't live with anybody else I like living alone and and I would imagine this is certainly affecting some people their relationships and it's putting them to the test I think it's very fair to say I've Brian begun watching narcos what is Marcus Jensen the producer but jadis having this morning constitutional okay yeah Anna Norcross is a show on Netflix about that a Pablo Escobar and the narcotics trafficking back in the eighties in Colombia no point you haven't watched any pop so I'm not getting upset with myself because I'm keeping myself distracted more porn than usual for you because I know you're a guy that enjoys his **** no it's the same amount J. only so much you can watch the action went yet with that that's not right just want to get an update on that one on the line seven oh two two five seven five three nine six is the number to call we want to hear from you the locals up there how you guys dealing with this let's go to run run your next up on the biggest take what's going on Hey how you guys doing it anyway Hey Brian once again I want to commend you with the way now Andrew I don't listen to them anymore nor do I care to but thank you Ron well well it he scare each visitor monger at Jimmy I I I I can totally understand I can totally understand why you would say that and I think we expose them for that so I appreciate those kind words Ron how are you dealing with this my man Hey.

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Carl Goldman discussed on The Vegas Take

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