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Ninety three seven and you can text us as well at three seven ninety three seven as we get ready for the red sox in the rose gave two of this a threegame series tonight in kansas city pledge the of nba news a dominating role as but dominating release since since saturday with the nba draft coming up on thursday night i was looking at the very final installment of the hoops hype hoops i'd be a good websites a comparison so lofty comparisons there are their final my draft and they do have of course philly taking more cal faults with the number one pick the comparison in their my drafts the the comparison a current player comparison this comparison comparison is james harden now if he if ford's turns out to be james harden then yeah is this trade is working too well for the celtics but it's definitely a risk there's no question about it but even as danny age said the draft picks were always tradeable players were not and the celtics certainly have plenty of draft picks smith seven of i they had the seven first round picks the next three drafts that's a great increase incredible one thing i don't think the celtics will be dealing as part of any deal is that brooklyn pick for next season or even for that matter the potential of it being that to pick this port of philly did with allegra trade if it's too through five for next season i don't see him dealing that through the pick that they got his port of the trade for more cal folds also this deangelis russell deals with him moving on obvious is good news for old ball and lepore ball to as well uh ball with to the lakers in his comparisons jason kidd josh jackson will they added three go into the celtics his comparisons quiet letter will of that ends up happening the only maybe down to earth could parents they have is adjacent tatum with allan houston more less lofty than some of these others texture thanks for this moncada's delay aaa but playing well said 285 but 75 caves kazin 270 at bet that uh thanks for that information also a texture brings up budget see the sports science with uh with folts i did and i think a little bit too she's mehta that with a dodge balls and i want to see him against real nba.

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