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So we're going to full Four hours today, right? We're not going to pace ourselves. Rain delay? No, because that's the only 43 minutes Yesterday I watched maybe the chap 40 prospects that are gone. Quarterbacks He has, but I did watch the quarterbacks because your guy John back Is coming on today. Obviously working with Zach Wilson and BYU and Justin Fields, and then Kyle got him in which freelance so But I wonder if we get into this because Jeff Schwartz is gonna join us. Pin a school is a tremendous talent. The Oregon left tackle Slater from Northwestern is really good. Kyle pits that side in from Florida. Really good, you mark Chase, and you got the Alabama wide receivers. What do you think's gonna be the first non quarterback chosen a week from today? By the way, John, it's a week away. I think, in fact for Atlanta or whomever is going to be in that spot's gonna go quarterback as well. So five Cincinnati make either get Joe Burrow protection, which is what I would do, or They could go receiver Jamaar Chase or How high is Kyle pits Get ago. Five is when we're gonna find that out, but it could be the tight end the receiver or the tackle right at five. Well, somebody's aggressive. And once the fifth quarterback and five which I could see that, depending And you know, one of these quarterbacks, you know, does drop at the 40. Niners. Don't take Justin Fields number three. Somebody could trade up to get their Kyle pits going for would be Riley Odoms since the draft. I think he went five in the early seventies, the Denver Broncos Vernon Davis. When? Six year you know years ago Before the merger, Um Magical went. I think he went three. So, but I mean, it's just so interesting to go through. There's a lot of good players looking a cornerback, so we'll get into it all because I have to get ready for Larry and you a week from today, But we did have to deviate from 43 minutes yesterday during the rain delay. So getting over to the Giants and the Warriors from last night disco found me. First of all after giving up, the bomb went back out. And one thing we didn't get into a day because we thought maybe the game to get banged, and they won't come back and play so one can they Match up the schedules with the Phillies, but you get right into that. That's about the threshold where you're starting to think we gotta go to the bullpen. We can't. We can't do this. You know You can't bring him back. But right there At 43 minutes, she came back and he pitched well enough to get deep into the game. You know, during rough, it's a bomb. You get back to tie the game. You take the lead. Bryce Harper was just so So locked in with a very controlled swing. It was hard to get him out. So they lose the game that coming home. But now the concern is, you know the entire infield. What's up with Brandon Belt? He did pinch it yesterday. What's up with Donovan Solano? It sounds like he's gonna go on the hell with a calf and those air, problematic injuries and what's up with craw? Right around the armpit. I don't know if it was deodorant. It stank or something. He did feel the ball up the middle and kind of stretched out and they wound up pulling him. So that's why you got all this infield debt. But croc can't play. Who the hell's gonna play shortstop on this team? That's a great question. Luciano is a little too young. Marco Marco Marco. Simon in spring training. He's Longoria would be my choice to Po Boy. Why? I think he could do it. I think of all the guys on the team who has the best range without crawl, but sites cross Haven't Longoria would be the guy, but I'm no problem. But you bond there, aren't they? Yeah. No, I'm not a fan. Hopefully. Hopefully we'll in the Marlins are pitching a lefty. So we'll see what we're gonna do that and then we got Molly today, right? We haven't a moment, John. For a week or so. So Steph Curry was just off last night. It's not. It's rare, though. We kind of know what the what I mean, he throwing up late. That was just that was what I did. It was like Philip Seymour Hoffman. You know, let it right. I mean, yeah, it was like he, but it had a couple. You know, the one that Anthony Slater detailed on the baseline out of bouncy, pop wide open and that was a quick catch. He had a couple from above the break straight on. That he missed wide left and hard off the backboard, so he's obviously tired and he's gassed. On Steve Kerr. They got home last night. About after two. I think they landed a 2 15 so Not only that I practicing today, obviously, but he's also called off the shoot around for tomorrow, which is really interesting. Um So E. I think they're just tired and he's entitled to a bad one. I will say. You know, he missed a couple and Russell Westbrook, who has just ended and fast. The Warriors who just fast and Draymond filed out, you couldn't stop the ball. I mean, Westbrook's one skill is just going in line the end line despite all of his injuries. You go in and score and he cut that lead down fast. But if you watch the very last play And, uh, Westbrook is in the back court and they put a little pressure on him. You know, the NBA years ago changed the Mid court violation from 10 seconds to eight seconds. That is a huge difference. You'd be shocked because I watch it almost every time. Just how close it is so on the shot clock just looked at 16 seconds on a 24 2nd clock. They got to get the ball past mid court. Before it hits 16. Pitino of he was coaching in the N B A. You know, the full court press he he'd press and he'd get some turnover. This is to be the time. To do it, but they get that steal. Westbrook coughs it up. Liberate feeds Wiggins Wiggins goes in Should have made the lay up and man did he play a great game last night guarding Bradley Beal if Steph does when the scoring title He's got to get some for Andrew Wiggins because they do the two down games that Bill had against and I made the four pointer to beat the Warriors on that fateful Friday night, which was horrible. But if you look at the play, John Stephan Curry is wide open in the left base line, where he hardly ever misses not the right base line when he had the baseline out of bounds not above the break stuff Curry in the left base line. Just doesn't miss it. Wiggins Now he's going in for a layup. He did the right thing. I just copped out. What if he kicks that to the left corner? The 26 shot is a walk up in the warriors when the game and nobody said Get it down game they That's a Michael Jordan. Michael would do that. You have a bad shooting game, make the game winner and they make a sports illustrated commercial about it. Agree. The 100%. I always try to tell my kids that it's it's when you make him. I mean, you like to make all of it. But you're gonna have a night like he had last night and where he goes 7 25 and two of 14, but the great ones make him when the count That's all that matters. And like you said he probably makes that shot. Last night again against Washington. But if you know, look, I don't know that these two games gonna make the difference. But every year you have a couple of head scratchers and to lose the one where Bill got the four point play, and then that one with a few minutes left look like it was under control. With a double digit lead. They have Washington be it twice..

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