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Bryant fan always watched games on tv. You know youtube wasn't really there back. Then but you are still able to go back and research. Old highlights fine games and and just study. I was a huge supporter of the wnba. Long story short. Elena della donne. Mvp of the wnba. Two years ago went to my high school. An all girls high school. Coercing academy in wilmington delaware so very small world. You know i look back. And i'm blessed to have all of these connections and you know. How did i run into these people are. Why did this happen for me. And that's how. I got in contact with that high school. I i ended up going there. She had taken me to wnba game. You know i was that kid that she saw on the camp that had a lot of potential and desire to be great and she kinda wanted to show me a little bit of her personal life. You know the ropes of the mcdonald's all american you know player of the gatorade player of the year at the time. What it's kind of like what this big stages like you know. She was going to yukon at the time She was all over magazines. Espn it was insane. And when we had gone to the wnba game she actually knew all the wnba players. We went into the locker room after the game it was almost like she was already in the wnba as a high school player so the level of status and the level of the doors that she had access to you know not a lot of basketball players are athletes in general at that age. Have that so. I was able to see a really really high level. Even when i wasn't there my goals and the ceiling of my goals was super super high. So you know. I always wanted to be great you know. The work ethic never stopped goals. Were high and that's kind of what kept me pushing throughout throughout my entire journey as huge. The just january Other really caused. We're going to dive into thinking about your your your role model at thirteen fourteen years old being. Oh let's go to this stuff you ain't. Let's go into the locker rooms. That's actually a bit younger. I was. I was about fifth grade. Oh my god yeah yup. So it's interesting you know. I was a kid that had entered into the summer camp. She was the counselor working there at the high school. You know you look back and say everything happens for a reason. I figured like we had like forty fifty point games like you end up being villanova's like alternative in three point all these things like what are you doing to these. Poor fifth graders this interesting as well part of my journey as my dad to a really good job of putting me in different basketball environments so wilmington delaware which is where. I'm brian is actually a great city. you know you have your inner city. You're outside city..

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