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Referring to calmly here is she of course dropped out of the race Cory Booker still in it not invited last night I yank also got high marks for recognizing his lack of time to speak and actually drew probably the biggest laugh of the night as he started his closing statement I know what you're thinking America how am I still on this stage with them some of the highlights of the democratic debate the race heating up it will lead up to the Iowa caucuses and that is I believe February third that's when we may start to get a clear picture of who is going to emerge for the Democrats did take on president from in two thousand twenty again Michael Bloomberg who's you know with his dollars become a candidate was not there last night but he is in Ohio and again is down to Chillicothe today talk about the opioid crisis having a a coffee a situation I believe the mayor of Chillicothe is going to be down there with them and everything so some of the interesting moments of the democratic presidential debate last night and we'll see where it goes from here again a lot of campaigning to do before February third and you know there also is how old the impeachment backdrop what's going to happen in the Senate here in the coming weeks affects this race we shall see and how it affects president trump who just got his head down and we know where he stands on this whole thing is being very vocal at least on Twitter about his innocence in that whole thing six.

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