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The right of siroc and won by the lightning certificate of the left point bounces it for plot but it handcuffed them and it deflects out of the zone A lot of regroup to his own and ruta left wing McHale sergeant lightning skate right to left in the first four and four hockey right now Circuit have outlets for cirelli at the middle of the center Across the line but he's going to be stripped by Adam peck A little saucer feet pavilion the right wing When the red line across the blind Nelson a shot in the slot Tuesday made by vasilevsky Nelson of the rebound of passing front picked off by cirelli laney counter three on three to center Right wing ruta joining the attack across the line right circle Flips the Shah wide left There's Pilate fielding it at the left point and he'll drop it back to center ice for Victor hedman In ten seconds it'll be a whitening power play They of course went two for three yesterday on the man advantage against Detroit Headman for stamp ghost and now kucherov as the power plays underway chernock is out of the box He's going to sprint to the bench He'll get the power play set up There's point off the feed across the blue line sliding it in on the rokin to leave it for pellet behind the that and he does bang it out around the near board sound the length of the ice Lightning have 55 seconds remaining on this power play No score in the first Headman Big strides to center ice at the middle stamp goes Quick hit killorn in the right wing into the offensive and he pulls up top of the right circle Alex corn at the right point Killorn well bank at right point headman off the ball to stamp goes pretty aggressive PK by the aisle center point hedman right circle kutra Nikita Ku drop top of the right circle Back for hedman center point tease it up Feeds it to stamp ghost but a stick in the way And.

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