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Would i add. Jose iglesias labor. Probably not but i nico. Horner has a chance to be better than labor tourists in the second half of the season. I know we keep doing labor. But he's got three home runs at the all star break. So what are we. What are we doing here. Yeah us at all to beat the narrative into the ground around somebody a player that one of us just generally doesn't like like i mean. Look eric did a like laboratories this year and was dead on. He's had a terrible year. I didn't see this common though. I mean how do you go from thirty home. Runs to a pace for six but like hairs guys with lower. Slugging percentage yelich. I would trade for matt shelvin of oakland very good june. Yeah i would trade for yom moncada slugging three ninety eight. Okay if healthy yeah. I would say he's never going to run. You know like we thought. But he's only got five. Home runs to more labor charleston. I still like him. And he resorted was seven. Home runs and nine steals. Who saw that coming but he can do better. We know he's got more power than that. Well lemay you don't have to trade for lemay who i have to think so. He's a better player than this. I mean indoor so much name value right like right now right exactly like anybody who has door is stuck for the long haul by all means reach out. But i don't expect you're going i just i just had somebody asked me a question about you. Know bringing labor tours back into this work another counter another trade counterpart just traded for the guy. And i got a question about. Do i give these to kind of useless players for gleyber torres. You've got to ask yourself. Why would the person with that do that. And that's where you're at with wind door. Why would you gonna give two guys who just doing nothing for francisco indoor. Why would the personal with linda do that. Why would i think lindores are goodbye. Low so i would think is too but i think you're gonna have to pay with a guy who's performing very we. We have to reevaluate linda warriors for next year. He might see a just a fifteen homer fifteen still guy. Best to seventy which is fine but at the top fifty pick. He is a much better real life than fantasy player. And you raise that question in march. And i remember i was in. I was intrigued and moved them down. Accordingly i had no shares. Because i didn't think he was a second round pick and most people did. But i didn't see this you know. He's been better in june as well. So if you're going to buy chap and you have to buy all indoor bef wants to know who your favorite over. Achieving pitcher is to keep rolling in the second half this is when comparing era to expected era. Kyle gets in taiwan walker. Marcus stroman oh man insen walker stroman. I mean this is. This is the question from a month ago. I have quite. I have concerns about all three performance to some degree. Stroman have any strikeouts in his last outing right. Because i have on a team and i'm like what is that all about you. Were on kyle gibson. You were right about that. I did not see that coming. I mean it wasn't. It's not really ballpark related. On kyle gibson is it. I mean it's just like it's been a very very pitching friendly ballpark but could control. Yeah you know so and good strike. Our i mean how gibson striking out this many batters. That's that's part of it So give him credit. For that. Taiwan walker taiwan walkers. Isn't he the best. Come on my my instinct tells me i'd rather have taiwan walker and i don't have much more than just the gut is saying so and it's a big god so it knows what i'm talking about. I guess okay on that good weekend of eating so yeah clearly i probably would. Cash in the cow gets chip. I think i would too. I think stroman fine. You know you're going to get you know. We rank them not in the top. Forty starting pitchers but but inside top fifty five not strike out guy similar question. Nick pa- vada. No i no. I'm begging both of them in labor and it's been glorious. It was herman marquez. I'm on my kids is really good. Is he only gonna get better if he gets moved. You know what he's pitching. Fine court right now coors. That's what i'm saying. Do we want him to stay in coors. Like is this that weird. I don't know how. I don't know what colorado is going to get for. I think it's going to be moving right. It doesn't make sense for them to keep them that's just from trying to maximize the return for them. As opposed to you. You say it doesn't make sense house colorado going to be good in two years if they don't cover story or herman marquess if no pitching and you wanna trade a guy who you put her in marquez on a contender and he is in the top twenty top fifteen starting pitchers you put them on the yankees right. Now is a normal marquez. In the top. Fifteen starting pitchers theoretically the problem. Is there aren't comps for pitchers leaving cores during the year. None of that caliber except for baldo jimenez and the issue with jimenez a comp was that he was already showing diminish stuff in the year he got traded to cleveland. He was bad. In cleveland after a straight was worse there than he was as a rockies pitcher if the yankees trade gleyber torres david garcia to colorado for trevor story in herman.

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