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Rockaway Boulevard on financial Boulevard in on Nassau expressway right at that intersection and where they all meet up very heavy traffic we're looking at busy right here on the van wick in fact a heavy delays in developing north and south bound into Atlantic Avenue very busy ride on full the Blackstone at Thruxton bridges white stone bridge is heavy in both directions the attracting bridge heading out of the Bronx in two queens fairly good right at a queens into the Bronx on the Throggs neck that's the better choice the westbound cross Bronx bumper to bumper traffic down from Westchester Avenue down to the G. W. B. lot heavy volume southbound on the Bronx river parkway from right around Pelham parkway down into the cross Bronx I'm grateful laced talk radio seventy seven WABC you know my sim pains boy they've been accumulated over the years of my ministry paddles but my wife Nancy she's a hipster millennial somewhere in the thirties and this morning when she went out to rescue cats I had to deal with her tailbone issue she could barely straighten up in fact when she went to the guardian angel animal rescue man she took two pillows whether you knew that double trouble but anyway the point is is like when you have strange and pains like that look some people old school take Doan's pills or they'll take a pain gave Pat and then the the new Jack way is just to pop pharmaceutical products and look I've done enough of that over my lifetime fentanyl morphine oxy's Percocet bike it did all it does it covers over the pain it doesn't eliminate it and you could end up developing an addiction you don't want to go there I'm recommending that you go with both Nancy and I are going to go because we both need physical rehab and it's not the physical re have a mom and dad's generation get a pad and pen to write it down because if you can't you see information about physical rehab at Trinity rehab which has sent us all throughout New Jersey maybe others can and they just open up to new offices in east Windsor and Paramus Trinity rehab did and what they have that is unique you see Pat it is a technological wonder FDA approved machine non surgical Cusick pressure wave technology it's similar to what's used to break up kidney stones and it breaks up scar tissue enhances healing gets rid of Paine I'll.

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