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That is basically punking out without saying it. So you have to wear the chain because you know, keep leaves, gonna, go asset. You have to show you're not school Andy. I wonder this because every time I walk into the studio and you're, you're back there your writing away and you're putting your notes together. And I get so excited something puffs on my show or something where the smartest guys, I know. And I'm like, Andy, what is about this? What do you think about this? A right, don't do the show. The show is this a situation in which these guys potentially give us the show before the show any come. So I hope so. Oh my God by the way too. If keep to lead can actually manage to pull the chain off Michael Crabtree again, assuming. At that point, we have to just say, he's got like, Liam, Niessen guy taking skills like this is a very special set of skills that keep to leave has if he can manage to pull this chain. Because at this point forget Michael Crabtree. Yeah, everybody in that stadium knows he's going to be going after that chain. It's it's like, you know, when when Michael Jordan would get the final shot and everybody knew her from everybody knows the ball's going to Michael boss and Kobe, Larry Bird, whoever everybody knows keyed to leave is going after that chain if he manages to pull it off yet. Again, that's a stonning you know, you know what's funny, rare talent. I asked one of my good NFL friends about training camp football because that Rams and chargers skirmish it was. So it was amazing to me like one you guys scrimmage and until you fight like really gotten a fight and it's their practice and he said, that's common. It happens all of the time. Especially in a practice, but this is a different level of fight. This is kind of like, you know, we think of that Tristian Draymond beef and it's like it's spills out outside of the arena of sports. This is much bigger, and I wonder, is this something like I feel like it's bigger? Do you feel like is bigger and if so, I mean, do you draw the line somewhere now I want to be entertained. I think it's, I mean, I think it's hilarious. I don't think it's ever going to spill into anything truly bad who's better Tristian enjoy mon- or to leave and Kirk Crabtree who you taking, what rival you? I like this better because I think it's more hilarious. I, I think this thing between to leave and crabtree's just funnier like the specificity of grabbing some dudes chain every single time that to me is just funnier some vote for that one. So Dak Prescott we're talking about Randy moss and during his induction hall of fame induction ceremony, he was wearing a tie that had thirteen names of some black men. And women who were killed at the hands of police or in situations involving law enforcement. On the other side of that spectrum Dak Prescott the Dallas Cowboys quarterback had recently said that he would never kneel during the national anthem. And this came on the heels of Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones son coming out in very strong terms that if you want to be a Dallas cowboy, you are going to be standing for that anthem with your toes on the line hand over the heart, no exception. Otherwise, you will not be playing football and. Dak Prescott took a lot of flack for this and he basically doubled down on what he said before he said, quote, I am not oblivious to it. You get on social media, you see it. It doesn't bother me. I said what I said, you have an opinion. Everyone else has an opinion. They are entitled to it as well. I accepted what they said and respected. They should respect mine. There is an artist in the Dallas area trae wilder who is absolutely not respecting Dak, Prescott opinion, painted a mural in the Dallas area of Dak Prescott with the same facial expression, Daniel Kalumiya in get out with tears down his face..

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