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So I actually hit. kind of bird dog rudy. At the Notre Dame Stanford game in the fall two thousand thousand eighteen. I'll kinda followed him around see how reacted to him and people walking around campus would either go. And you know there won't take pictures and all that or they're just rolling her eyes off Rudy Notre Dame people are divided about it because they don't believe that he belongs are a lot of them. Don't believe that he belongs in the same conversation with Knute rockne billy. Shakespeare gave everyone a heisman. Their mood of Tim Brown. Give me the whole list. He doesn't belong in that conversation and the reality is that he does. He's Pat seems like this idea of disliking really has to do with the fact that some people believe he is is trying to take a minor event in sports history in almost blown out of proportion and a lot of people do care about that. I I mean Joe Montana. He talked about Rudy on the Dan. Patrick Show in two thousand and ten were you there when Rudy was there. Yeah Uh it's a movie you remember. Not all that's true. What wasn't true well? The crowd wasn't chanting. Nobody's doing their jerseys You know he did get into game and he did get a sack and then guys just carried him off kind of playing around. I won't say a joke this playing around So but you know he. Did you know he worked his butt off. Join to get where he was and do the things he did but Any harder than anybody else way. You're ruining it for me here. I bought in that you guys running in your jerseys and this was emotional and rudy was he was your your your spiritual chill rallying cry Ryan was rudy upset about that yes. It doesn't take much to get really upset it's just doesn't and He's a fiery God. That's because that's who he is. Well I accepted Joe Comic. That's Joe He's laid back guy he didn't know me think it he was a freshman. Who is he has a no rudy and he was injured? He wasn't even at the game. When I played he was injured injure so you never suited up so he never got to experience that moment or understood that moment you talk to players that were on the roster with him and there in three categories either? A don't remember him be they remember him and they're just tired of hearing about him all the time or see they love him like they love him and so they kind of run into three different groups and Rudy knows exactly who is in every group. He's got Rudy right arm and his professor x and the big thing where he can the whole world he is anybody's talking about Rudy. Good or bad rudy. Knows it seems to be sort of dichotomy between Rudy believers and. I'm rudy cynics. Do you think he sees the world that way. Absolutely it that way and it doesn't take very long for you to understand that if you mentioned the Joe Montana thing his face turns red and there's a vein POPs out in his neck and it's not that he's mad at Joe Montana it's just so reminder that there are still people out there who are questioning what he wants to do he keeps a list. I'm telling you he still remembers the names news of the priests at his high school back in Joliet Illinois who laughed at him about. You can't do this. You can't do that. He remembers everyone who told to know everyone. And that goes all the way up until today. Ryan one instance. Where Rudy was told no was in two thousand eleven? The feds charged him in a stock pumping scheme around a product with his name on it. Well the way that really describes it as is he was chasing the money and he got talked into this rudy energy. Drink one Dan Devine's realtors was one of the people involved in this and they got a little aggressive with their numbers as far as advertising and go into possible vendors and saying well our numbers were just as good as someone so I mean some of the giants sports and energy drink companies and those numbers were not accurate in the eyes of the government. And of the Regulatory Agency. So Rudy. Instead of going into a protracted attract legal fight he agreed to settlement any paid that off and it costs them a lot of money. It became a pretty big headline because You know he's Rudy. And whenever there's a chance to pile on the dude. Everybody seems to seize that chance the SEC. The government agency not uh-huh actually mentioned the movie in their press release about charging him with a stock pumping scheme but they also said that the promotion emotion for the drink falsely claimed that Rudy outsold gatorade. Two to one which seems unlikely it was not likely and And whoever whoever threw that number together other through and clearly they were busted on that it still feels like he's sort of embodies the idea of living on the edge between being a very aggressive dreamer which is the rudy story and being self promoter. Yeah an aggressive dreamers. The perfect way to phrase it is and he's he's aggressive and everything that he does and that's why he's been very successful at times and he's failed miserably at times and honestly it goes back to the story of how he even got into a game at Notre Dame anyway and every time he's been knocked down he jumps back up and that's just how he has lived his life. Do you think he can separate himself from the character in the movie. No I mean I don't I mean I think he. He has a great understanding of who who he is as a real human on earth and who that person is up on the screen but the two have become so intertwined that that you know most of the questions that he answers have to do with the film as opposed to his real life experience he always says in the very beginning when Reader's digest signed him on as a speaker and they sent him out to all these schools and when he would walk into these elementary schools. The kids would just be crushed because they were looking for Sean Astin and so. He has embraced the character when he needs some Bryce to character. But it's end of the day it's really it's about rudy. He's pushing his actual real story as much as he possibly the camp. What do you think that says about him? I think it says that he saw an opportunity to make a living. But also I do not question his motivation ovation when it comes telling the story because reality is he's never been rich he's done okay. Then bankrupt a couple times and Dan Account of went into my day with Rudy with my cynicism helmet. All going all right dude. We'll see and then I realized very quickly that He's not on private jets He's not hanging out with famous people. Most of what he's doing is kinda down in the trenches of the motivational speech world. And it's because he believes in what he's doing what you're y. If you have a why then you could perform. If you don't have that why you just going to get through the game. If you get your y you can be doing things. You didn't think he could do so. Get Your y right now get connected and get rid of all your you google thoughts. You might have right now but anything you might have get rid of them right now. Go out there saying you deserve to be here. I deserve to play at Notre Dame just like I deserve to have a major motion picture just like I deserve to go there and speak to grade audiences and that's how you should think Ryan. Would you describe yourself. South is a really believer. Yeah why not I mean listen listen. I was so inspired by the film when I saw it. And no one dislike Notre Dame. It's at point more than I did and I was just bitter. Because it'd be Tennessee at our place and you know you roll your eyes those things but at the end of the day it really says this all the time. It's okay to walk into a movie. Theater Aleve inspired. It's okay and that's how I felt when I saw the film in Nineteen Ninety three and you know I got the DVD somewhere here in house. I'll pop that in at some point and I'll watch it and I'll be inspired again. Thanks thank you talks. I mean and this has been. ESPN daily our show is produced by Michael Ball. al-tahra Troy Farkas Alexandre hyacinthe. Mike John's St Marteen Ryan. Then tell David Sarossy Andy. Tennant Eve tro. Oh Chris to Manila. Erinvale I'll talk to you Monday..

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