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Going to release what i can't control. I'm going to show up where i can make a difference. The meaning of the word home is multidimensional me. I love my physical home. And i love coming home to me. That internal me in the midst of all the chaos. I believe that the turmoil are twenty. Twenty was meant to give us lessons. It felt like we were moving through this portal this war tax to the other side into something more beautiful. I believe there's something more beautiful on the other side of all of this and what we've been feeling this craziness of this year was really meant to magnify the circumstances that were long overdue to shift and perhaps to allow us to see things through a new lens as we get to the other side of this craziness perhaps a softer gentler lens. Women's wisdom is the medicine are earth. Lates i believe that at the very core a my being we have come to this vortex of twenty twenty two truly step into new ways of being leading of serving in Into twenty twenty one and beyond. I can literally feel this shift in my body. And i'm excited for what's to come. Can you feel the ship. I'm been feeling this shipped. It's like through the end of this year. It got pretty intense. And i was doing all sorts of meditations i was released. I was taking time with my horses. I was simply making space. And i could feel a physical tension in my body. I could feel an energetic tension in the world and the ships were still going through it right. I mean they're still kinds of things happening around us but there's some there's been a shift that that it's actually opening up and i did feel this this a total opening up in this last week of december. I feel it in this first week of january and this is really fascinating to me. This shift has been company coming right. Indigenous elders from around the world had been speaking of this ship for many years. When i interviewed dr anita sanchez. a few years back. She had just released her book. The four sacred guests indigenous wisdom for modern times and the time of our interview. She had just returned from spending a week and qui- with thirteen indigenous elders from around the world. Among the many deep discussions the group embarked upon. There was a clear agreement from the elders that women would have an important role in the energetic shifts. That we're going to be coming into our world. They predicted these intense times. They predicted what our role as women would be. They predicted that we would be moving from a masculine dominant energy. That is so prevalent in our business. Our money our government systems into a much more balanced feminine and masculine energy led by women. And i'm by no means in astrology expert. But i've been tuning in listening to a lot of astrology in this last quarter of the year. And if you follow any of the stra logical gurus. They speak to the big shifts and planetary alignments. That are going on right now. That has some that hasn't happened for hundreds of years. The energy we just came through as we closed out. The year was incredibly intense. I heard over and over from astrologist. Expect us and know that there were that. There is a newer lighter energy on the other side of this. When i can't say is i feel the shift. I feel it in my bones and in the weeks preceding the new year. I felt a new lightness of breath. I truly could feel a lighter energy in my breathing. I see a future of women standing in their light because the world needs us. We are being called my friends to do our work to be connected to are being to make a difference with the gifts of who we are in collaboration and community a here calling for a different way of being in the world to rise up out of all the noise and that is around as me. Think about the noise that we are in right now from the politics to cova all that. There's so much noise and when we stop and we tune in and we listen we start to feel differently. We start to we we can be. We have a different way of being right Get out of the noise of scarcity thanking fearmongering and all the other things that are going on and come forth with our wisdom. I feel sense of doing things in a different way. And that means being connected to one another to trust each other to knowing each other allowing the universe to support us to connecting to who we are bring all of our life experiences to the table being connected to my soul being connected to yourself being connected to others connected to the end of verse in really stepping into the flow and not the hustle. And that's a big piece of it right. I think that's a ship that's going to be happening is in our businesses is it. It's not about the hustle about being in the flow and being aligned at the work that we're meant to be bringing into the world it's about carrying. It's not empathy about softness in different ways of being. It's about different ways of doing so. What does this army for you and your business. Here are some of the most important shifts. I see for leading your business and twenty twenty one and it's really it's all centered around the world leadership and it's a new kind of leadership. Several years ago. I wrote an article called lead like a woman with grit and grace might have put the lincoln heresy. So you can go read the full article because there's all kinds of good tips around it. But i think it is so relevant for today right now and this is what i wrote in this in this blog. Post women have been shape shifting who they are in leadership roles for years. Defendant a man's world times are changing a new leadership. Paradigm is unfolding making way for leaders to embrace and embody more graceful heart based wisdom fused way of leading. This is leadership guided by seeing feeling and connection. The world is ready and in fact the world needs you. Does that kill good. Does that feel really good feels. It's exciting to me when you start looking at the way that we can lead with a more graceful heart based wisdom infuse way of leading right by feeling by connection this this is so different and there are several points that and i give a good tips around how you can. You can really step in action action. These these different types but I the starts being the perfect and imperfect expression of you that means knowing who you are showing up embracing all of you not putting up the walls of trying to project but really just being you knowing what your gifts are and that essence of you building that into how you show up and serve your clients. Second know what it is you want to be known for and this means really getting clear about a the core message your mental deliberate in the world right because if you are in this space of of trying to to put messaging now it's just it's just it's just there's no substance to it right and you see so much of this in the world. We have so much information going on in the world. Had something that you stand for be able to put a stake in the ground..

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