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In New York in the Nike extortion case in a statement the sports apparel company says the verdict speaks volumes people who were in this federal court room said Michael of an ID made the sign of the cross before hearing the guilty verdicts after three weeks of trial federal jurors agreeing with the government the Michael of an ID attempted to extort Nike of twenty five million Bucks this was the better case for all the ninety eight he had a better defense on this case the extortion of Nike reaction there and CNN from LA Hong he's a former federal prosecutor have an obvious attorney says that he will appeal this federal conviction in California if not he still faces enormous legal troubles that he defrauded clients of hundreds of thousands of dollars he's also fighting to keep the state bar from taking away his license to practice law and you might recall during his representation of stormy Daniels in that lawsuit against president trump have an ID declared himself briefly as toying with his own run for the White House Craig figure can extend seventy newsradio authorities launched a big multi agency operation this morning going after gang members and others who they believe were involved in two recent murders and five other shootings in the Long Beach area this was not the sort of knock on your door you would expect on Valentine's day operation broken hearts was aimed at those the police thing have gone on a violent crimes free agents officers and deputies from LAPD Long Beach police the sheriff's department parole and probation hit twenty four different locations this morning and no they weren't handing out flowers and candy they were slapping the handcuffs on twelve people including three juveniles at the center of the cage you had situations where they shot at multiple people at one time Long Beach police chief Robert Luna said one of the shootings took place at a homeless camp and we believe that one or more of these job now as we have in custody were responsible for shooting and injuring these five homeless community members the string of violence began with the shooting on November twenty first a murder on November twenty second and it ended with an attempted murder just ten days ago in Long Beach John Baird K. an accident seventy newsradio or of words in Orange County or the public defender's office is accusing the DA of misconduct in a widening investigation of evidence mis handling by sheriff's deputies Orange County public defender Scott Sanderson filed court papers accusing DA tub Spitzer of conducting fake probes against seventeen deputies to withhold material about misconduct in evidence filings that could affect hundreds of thousands of cases the scripture tells KNXT investigations are legitimate and I didn't find out about the evidence booking problem in the sheriff's department sometime I think it was on or about November twenty fourth of two thousand nineteen and immediately after that I began to look into it Spitzer says Sanders allegations are totally without merit I mean it's been an ongoing process that I have conducted in good faith stitches says he plans to ask a judge to sanction impose civil penalties on Sanders Dimitry okay and extend seventy newsradio I'm interested to see what that would look like Orange County assistant public defender Scott Sanders tells cat axes not concerned about sanctions but I am interested in hearing the explanation that would come with that argument in terms of when they decided to change their position on and on beginning a criminal investigation in the reason so the good thing about him alleging that that sanctions should be imposed as he can now explain why he made decisions he did what what the reasons were center says he'll welcome that moment hud secretary Ben Carson spoke about addressing LA's homelessness crisis during a visit to Long Beach land and services through the United States public health service are among the federal resources that could be brought to the table to confront the problem as far as money is concerned Carson said Will programmer.

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