England, Han Tucker, Chuck Berry discussed on Fresh Air - Best Of: 'How To Be A Muslim' / 'Daring To Drive'


I was the only brown kid in my school i i grew up in new england's i'm not trying to say i don't want people to misunderstand me i grew up in a pretty openminded very welcoming place i never encountered any overt hostility but i was very much the obviously brown kid with the strange name and then i'm i'm booted out of sex at which only added to the tabu sexuality that it grew up with i was raised pretty much to believe that uh at some point my parents would find me a spouse and that in the meantime i would have no interest in girls or dating or sexuality and and for my parents to then deprived me of sex said was just one more way in which sexuality became this extremely abnormal uncomfortable and even i would say almost unislamic thing it was for other people that wasn't for us my guest is haroon mogul author of the new memoir how to be a muslim we'll talk more after a break and rock critic han tucker will review check the posthumously released album by chuck berry this is fresh air weekend support for this podcast than the following message come from morgan stanley for more than eighty years morgan stanley has offered financial wisdom to its clients and for the last few weeks they been offering financial wisdom on a brand new podcast the morgan stanley ideas podcast will answer some questions you've wondered about for years and others you didn't even know you had find out on the morgan stanley ideas podcast available from your favorite podcast directory morgan stanley smith barney llc and morgan stanley and co llc members civic.

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