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One seven two three nine ninety three ninety three face mankini cats radio so we talked last week at the end of last week about a story from the ap the associated press and the story was was that immigrants were being thrown out of the military and no reason was being given and they weren't being given honorable discharges which would have allowed them stay in the country and gotten them citizenship they were given this questionable discharge which left their immigration status in in limbo that's the way the ap wrote the story and of course it became this really big deal oh short trump's just going after immigrants what i said at the time is that we don't know enough about the story yet from based on what i'm looking at here there better be a reason for this but there wasn't enough information now we know more information had seems rather clear that the associated press purposefully wrote a story to make the trump administration look bad as opposed to to be honest about what it is that's going on there's a program called manby started in two thousand two thousand three or two thousand eight under president george bush the purpose of the program was to bring in more skilled people who are noncitizens into the military because there was a a skills gap in terms of medical professionals and language gaps when especially when you're dealing with an enemy like terrorism and you want to fill those gaps maybe there were immigrants who could fill those gaps and by coming into the military under this program they would have a better opportunity a quicker opportunity to become citizens it would happen with with a fluid nece that's what happened and we were able to fill a lot of those positions then changes came through the course of the years under people like president obama who allow daca recipients to come in not many dhaka recipients were able to get into this program because if you had to be a medical professional but you came in the country illegally you weren't going to be a licensed medical professional that just wasn't going to happen but there were about nine hundred of them as a national review claims or reports i should say so what we actually have here within this program because yes there have been people who have been discharged those people haven't gone been able to pass their background checks those people have not been able to get through the more rigorous vetting that is now in place in the whole program has now been stopped not only was there more rigorous vetting put in place but there was no funding put in place for the rigorous vetting so therefore it created a larger backlogged and it created an inability to get through the entire process to know who's in the country properly and who could pass a background check to be a member of the military to be able to get things like clearances and etc we have here two things at play first bureaucracy right and bureaucracy is always a big hot mess and then we have the second thing at play changes that were made to the program that made the program untenable these are the two things that happened here neither of those things is the trump administration proactively attacking immigrants that was a lie from the ap they purposefully as i would see it booted the story they purposely manipulated the story in order to be able to sell that fabrication as another pylon and president trump so it was it fake news well there's a story about some of these people no longer being in the military being pushed out of the military with with a questionable type of discharge but it wasn't because of any antiimmigrant sentiment so yes if you want to categorize it as news go right ahead you wanna talk about the whole issue as an adult we can do that there's an issue with bureaucracy and it's a great right up for from national review there's an issue with how the program was manipulated in change in the in the obama years and there may be an issue with the program in and of itself but an anti immigrant stance that was fabricated and then that was utilized by enemies and detractors of president trump to then attack the president of the united states i told you we would come back to the.

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