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We landed when we landed. Comes on in the lady comes on. And she says welcome to Detroit and everybody, you know, immediately, the hands pop up everybody's going, you know, and. And you know, everybody kind of laughs excuse me, Saint Louis, you know, and so we all kind of have laugh, but what it we're real to me was that. That's what porn. Weren't expected to go. Feeling of what we're Emma. I can tell you that I said in my computer, looking at something going through websites before and synagogue on way. Where am I? And if you're not careful. What we don't want to be so listening to Josh mccown talk. I was like that's what Josh mccown sounds like well, and also I REM I didn't remember the city's correctly. But the story basically is like some shitty southwest airline flight attendant who who thinks he or she is a real jokester. Yeah. May trigger Josh mccown into being like, oh, man. This is like the last time. I watch porn and I ended up somewhere. I didn't wanna be. Yeah. I truly believe that. He doesn't watch porn because there's no way that anybody that has ever watched porn would describe it. Like that. Also, he just described like after you're finished being like, oh, my God I woke up, and I said where am I what type of person in my Josh that happens every time did I just watch six consecutive stepmother videos. That's why you gotta be really fast about Xing out. Yes. That's got. You got about the quickest out you could possibly have. I've got a pretty good pretty good time. Okay. So I don't even know where we are. Right now. Yeah. Research good. I'm I've got Miami. Green bay. Ooh. So is Green Bay good. Yes. Okay. No. Because he's not good. We're not sure it's a long season for Miami. Brock Tober is over ten hills. Not playing this weekend. Is it? I don't know. I've I've stopped caring about that whole thing. Yeah. The Miami's just gonna play out the string gonna finish like seven and nine and it was like, well, they can build on this. Yes, they're going to fish seventy nine with with Brock as a quarterback. And they'll be like, oh would've Ryan was a quarterback people should get Brock some money, though. Ryan hasn't lost a game in what his last nine starts. It's now spans over five years. Yes. But he's undefeated like his last night or something like that. I also had four are we sure they're good my runner up for it was falcons Browns because this is also falcons foreign four Browns or not good. But the falcons foreign four they have they should go there and kick the shit out of the Browns. And if they don't I don't think they're good. I think that the falcons might be on the track to being good. Yeah. That's a really good game. If. Lose this game. They're not good. Okay. Same revenge game, Ohio, which revenge got New England at Tennessee. Mike variable revenge game adventure. What? Okay, didn't know. It's malcolm. Butler revenge kit is Malcolm Butler game big time. But also variable wasn't he like released a year early? I think he might have been maybe. Okay. We'll go spread from coach of the year it well for Mike. Mike gravel. My revenge game is going to be bears lions because the bears never beat the line. So just like a general like sense of revenge. Just big cat versus Detroit. You just need. We the bears need to finally beat the lions. Okay. They just don't I know they have. But it just feels like they never do. You guys Homer away home, yucca. Mitch different guy at home. Yeah. There whether I believe so I think it's the calendar has turned it is now tough to go into Chicago. Especially if you're the Packers. All right. Our game of the week again. Not a great week. I put down Seahawks. Rams. Yep. That's what I have to and runner up New Orleans at sense. Yes. Exactly. And little step for you. Cincy is wearing their orange jerseys with their black pants six zero six when they've warned that combo vary interests saints coming off a little bit of, you know, they're they probably party too. Little had a good time. Nice win does Bryant's there. He's probably demand the ball. I don't think he's gonna play. He's good demand. The ball..

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