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Off to Oak Ridge Davis online Dave how you doing and what is your question on garden since Brian how you doing all right on I just had a question about like apple trees nursing I know you have to gravestone and stuff off of when you tune by see the stuff like that but I was warned if you took a cutting off of the apple tree and to grow it if it if you know you would have to cram ever was one if you have a graph that or not yeah like if you take a cutting off an existing apple three hi you have still have to graft among all along you could not those who them you still have to graph the military you can have a wild apple three or even a crab apple they done the stock of that Hey you have to grab them on that did you ever do any grafting before no I haven't no I haven't okay Tuesday I actually have their done the stock here is you have to make it as V. cut and then the new stock you just make a point on that then it has to go into V. and they have put grafting wax around it and tape and then it will have to take a couple of months and they'll grow together I like that apple tree to first year don't fertilize it because you may end of a fire blight had the second year you can just do it half application of plan trust in the fall have a difference here is don't do a fertilizer okay you'll have plenty after different varieties of apple trees at your place you have stuck a different apple trees yes okay and if you have to plan does the best time to plan and after all wait till March and way of plan to be sure it is a central location and when a plan and you make some peat moss with the director comes out of the hole and don't plan on a level with the ground to plan a little bit higher that for dates and I feel plan and how he gives a kick start and then maybe about ten days later you can kick start again okay well thanks for the information you're welcome eight hundred seven two one six zero zero three you mentioned a lot during the show you can use it over the weekend as well between the hours of eight AM and five PM the winter hours add Rosen's nursery so if you have a question later on the day or some comes mine tomorrow morning feel free to call that same number eight hundred seven two one six zero zero three again emails they get all the time they get right back to you in your garden sense dot com drop down menu on the homepage contact us you'll see the link for an email and spell each problem now also reminder that if you do have a problem and you can send a picture long sometimes that helps them to identify something that might be going on with the plant tree or shrub something on the leaves so make sure you send a picture along if you can if you're getting email help and you remember that all of the products recommended on.

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