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So it could be used for for anything tend to think people will be using it much more for Quanta strategies where you're predicting on five thousand stocks verses. You know, you're actually like you actually work for apple and you've stolen some company secrets and you're selling them on a ratio. Well, you did mention that thing about knowing what was it something about Apple's hardware or something? Yeah. I mean, that's a, I think that is an example that could be legitimate, but I think most likely people are going to be using it for Quant predictions just because if you imagine you did submit predictions to raise your and you were right about one stock in particular. It's actually hard to know if you're going to be good next time all the time off to that, but with Quant, what's pretty cool is you can make five thousand similar tenuous predictions. And if. You're right on two thousand seven hundred of them. That's actually pretty good statistical evidence. So in a shorter time period, you can develop good reputation, and what's your sense of whether or not hedge funds will actually want to buy this data? You mentioned some crypto funds. Is that pretty much it or like you know, you keep talking about two sigma to do you know the more traditional Mitch fans are interested? They always, they always kind of have to respond to two new new things. So in the post, very skeptical on new kinds of alternative data sources like sentiment analysis data or or even skeptical about new tools like machine learning. But once other hedge funds start doing it, there's like a huge pressure for everybody to catch up. So to start with numerous going to be a huge buyer of these feeds and we're going to be on the buy side of this marketplace giving our users time to do out there track records. But at any time, another hedge fund could come in and out. Bid us and overtime as it gets better. I think it'll be like the best place to buy to buy high-quality data because no one else is giving you the same kind of guarantees. I that all of this darker predictions are accurate and and second that if anything goes wrong, the date is not good. You have something to do about it, which is like destroyed the guy steak. And so you have not talked to any one other than some? No, we just announced Rasiah very recently, and we've spoken to crypto funds who are interested, but we haven't spoken to the hedge funds. And frankly, we prefer that it'd be a lot of crypto interest and allow us to be the major buyer for the equity stuff. So I think that's how it will play out initially because you know the competition. So how willing do you think how twins will be to transact cryptocurrency that was launched by a different hedge fund? Yes. It's kind of a strange proposition in a way. It's like you can use this marketplace. Anybody can use it, but it sort of sort of need to use cryptocurrency like how much numerary do you guys hold? Well, we can mint numerator, so we, that's something that is a little bit problematic. Like right now, numerary the way it's used on our website. It's very centralized. It's like it's it's a token for numerous to token for our users, and we can meant it and we the ones who can destroy it. But as we shift to raise your being a protocol that uses numerator, you don't really want any central power over the system. So new Mariah will have no special rights of any other hedge fund entering the marketplace because you can meant numer even. That we're gonna have to. We're gonna have to stop. And so when a raise your launches, numerous not going to be able to have any special powers including ending, then who will be minting the numer..

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