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Mrs America fans stand by in honor of our friend and speedy recovery to Sammy who's our call screener and deny all around if you look at different options of dancing since last this portion of the show homes you know Chicago welcome back is sponsored by the fine people of comment energy efficiency program rose pest solutions fidelity national title Republic bank and peerless fence was going to be making their first appearance I believe next week then next weekend except FOR lunch from them and they do a great job bought a vinyl fence because I don't want to deal with the upkeep I could use a great value guiding ideas guys are great so yeah so I'm looking forward to heaven the folk the fine folks from peerless fence out so let's talk about bugs yeah we were talking about cicadas before the break I want to thank seven await for sending me a picture of a gigantic cicada I appreciate that so okay so we have cicadas yeah and and we had some other questions from from from Texters about I want to get to it says here it's not all about the little crazy little bugs red spider bugs how do you get rid of them and she also has a question about another texture has a question about keeping bugs out of sand boxes or something safe because they have a granddaughter gets have a sandbox so we have read crazy little red spider bugs and questions and how to keep bugs out of a sand box start with those two and okay talk about what do we want all this water is doing everything else okay so the sandbox thing the best thing to do is keep it covered especially if it's gonna rain you don't want moisture getting in there that's going to create a breeding haven for things like cat naps in the ski does and all kinds of things to get it covered keep it covered make sure that nothing can crawl up underneath the sides of it too you really where kids are playing you really don't want to use pesticides or chemicals so that is really like that the only sure fire way to to eliminate that as a breeding ground for pasts regarding the little red spiders I think that person was talking about clover mites have you ever heard of that clover mites they're teeny tiny and they look like they're full of blood because they're both great read and they come out of plants there vegetation past the old building how does he know cells and stuff and if you go to cemex smashing the smear minute looks like blood but it's not blood these things are just brightly colored vegetation pasts in because the ground is saturated with you know all kinds of rain water that's they're coming up from the ground like everything else so how do you treat it so the front for clover mites and things like that for any kind of vegetation past that is easily treated with a perimeter treatment around the outside of the house most of what we do can be done from the outside and then if there are areas on the inside where these things are hanging out around windows or doors we spot treat those areas too and is there an over the counter product our listeners could buy if they don't want to hire professional pest remover and is it as effective that's the thing is like there's a lot of products out there there's sprays or aerosols but the problem with a lot of those is that they're not residual meaning they're not going to stick around once you apply them they dissipate so it's not gonna be a long term solution but more or more importantly having that expert you know education behind these past in the biological information allows us to get to the root of the problem properly everything finding where they start from where they originate why are they there you know we get we that's that's what you pay for when you hire a professional service you get the expertise in that insight that are are people have gone through with lots of schooling to learn so that's a difference like just like you know if you're sick you could go to the doctor or you could try to buy something off the shelf and see if it works you know it's it's one of those scenarios and if our listeners have any.

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