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Last night Grafton Thomas is accused of breaking into the home and mom stayed to York stabbing five people critically injuring one of them New York governor Andrew Cuomo says it's an act of domestic terrorism we're going to have an increased police presence we have the toughest take crimes law court laws in the United States of America and we are going to win forced them to the full extent of the law the attack took place during a Hanukkah celebration New York is seen over ten anti semitic attacks in recent weeks a fire displaced residents of an apartment complex in northwest Indiana this morning it started at the park west apartments on the eleven hundred block of two lane drive in Griffith Indiana destroying several of the units no reports of injuries no because it's been determined this same complex at another fire about a month ago in which one person died and several people were injured Illinois has released records showing the unemployment rate down in nearly all Illinois metro areas last month dropping in thirteen of the fourteen metro areas in November lower the November of last year Carbondale east Saint Louis Chicago in Danville also hit record lows the US state department of employment security spokesperson Rebecca Cisco says we continue to see broad based job growth unemployment rate decreasing anything hurting because we're still seeing it this growth in the labor force many more people are working and more people are entering the work force which is a sign of a strong economy the largest job gains in November we're in Chicago in the suburbs Champaign Urbana and the east Saint Louis area and Chicago I'm three it is interesting to see does this thing what listeners say while they listened to your new skin and they find stories interesting that was interesting they will do an on air as opposed to saying I'll he's making all that out a bomb now I'm vocalizing what the listeners are thinking while they're listening to news cast interested knows that it is this going to be something that I can expect it can only hear the new year new feature for the year I vocalize what listeners are thinking about you all I'm in real trouble now every story I'm going to read you're either going to be or or find that worry I don't believe it will find jobs you didn't in the year twenty twenty well as we move as we continue now guess who's doing sports and twelve oh five I hope it's you it is so now I I'm going to be waiting for some commentary coming from across the hall the only reason I know that is because I saw the mad dash that was in the it was either that or the road runner just came through the studio meet meet WGN sports Blackhawks visiting Columbus today are pre game with Chris burdens at three thirty face off for clock with John Wiedeman and Troy Murray on seven twenty WGN and WGN radio dot com northwestern hosting.

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