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If they get blown out he needs to go. They have the better roster. If he gets blown out you got Jerry Jones looking from this perspective. I have a really good team. We need to do something out. If he can't do this. I need to get somebody in here that can. But does it take them getting blown out either? Either there with him or they're not moving forward. Does it take? Yeah. Eating to get blown his playoff losses are two. Aaron Rodgers in an all time performance at final drive incredible. And now you got Russell Wilson. Super Bowl ring quarterback just said top five quarterback in the league. I want to quickly address the opening I'm telling you, I know Lincoln Riley said, oh, I'm happy at Oklahoma. This is a Texas guy. And as you said, this is the perfect roster right here that off you got players at every position that matters. I do believe Lincoln Riley would listen of Jerry Jones called him off the loss. He's young enough to where he can be micro. There's no established coach will go in there and say, all right. If you're not giving Bill parsoes full control of you're right. You're not giving anybody Detroit. There's only thirty two days in the world. And so being a head coach in NFL summer special. So it's gonna be hard for anybody to turn them down. Julie's given him a lot of leeway here. Okay. Cleveland what you said is attractive, and no doubt that roster sick their owner their situation. I mean, they're firing coaches at the drop of a hat the last five years a lot of organizations are like that. Like Arizona just fired a coach after one year. I know he was bad. But I think Jerry's on almost undervalued as a place to go here given the roster. So we're not giving him no chance to really work with the Mark because he did acquire Mark hoople late games. That's that's a choir late, man. This is football versus put in some schemes be creative enlist go. It'll take off season that but we're holding them to what happened before getting a Mark Hooper as well. That's what their record is going to place them. The things that transpired before. Wiring Amari Cooper, and then acquired after Amari Cooper GATT there. It was a different story. Go give me give him. You're right. So that's what I'm saying. Does it does it require them to not get blown out for my job to be saved? If I'm Jason geared. Either losing win or you lose ugly that you don't want to be losing to where we turn the TV like game is over you can't have that type of loss. Well, people might stick around to watch Jerry Jones in the box tops if very angry when Jason GARRETT'S blow in the game in the fourth quarter. To New York we go where ally Manning's future with giants..

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