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Judge once one ACA in court I'm only a Francis there's been another setback for president trump's push to get a question of citizenship on the upcoming census Constantinopolitan with a push from president trump the justice department put lawyer is expected to be more aggressive on the case for getting US citizenship question on census forms now a Manhattan judge is pushing back U. S. district judge Jessie Fuhrman has ruled the department has provided quote no reasons let alone satisfactory reasons for the substitution of counsel he continues to weigh claims for and against the question Fuhrman is handling one of several lawsuits that have blocked the question from being included on the ground it is designed to discourage immigrants and undocumented persons from participating president trump abruptly halted the printing of census forms despite a Supreme Court refusal to intervene he is considering using an executive order Bob Constantini washing president trump examining labor secretary Alexis Acosta's handling of sex trafficking case involving billionaire financier Jeffrey abstain Custer was a federal prosecutor involved in a plea deal that allowed upstream to avoid prosecution on such charges what appeals court has heard arguments on whether Congress rendered obamacare unconstitutional when it the women ate at the individual mandate Senate democratic leader Chuck Schumer says the Republican lawsuit is disgraceful this is a cruel nasty decision it's also hypocritical hypocritical because president trump in all our Republican friends in the Senate say they want to protect pre existing conditions and then they act to get rid of them or do nothing to stand in the way of the president when he tries to get rid of them Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell takes issue with that statement there's nobody on the Senate not in favor covering pre existing conditions and if that were to occur we would act quickly on a bipartisan basis to restore Republicans in Congress have tried several times to repeal and replace obamacare but have not come up with a replacement scenario that would pass Linda Kenyan Washington said Wednesday's opening bell on wallstreet right now Dow futures down sixty.

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