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I don't know i dunno saying can glow in the dark but we're going to find out and i gotta be honest like as a civilian and ted cruz as civilian as well i do not get these people that are like fuck your botlikh there's nothing bad s about being someone who has never seen combat and getting up there and microphone and sounding top and making is like crazy of a statement issued came like i i just don't get it and i actually he's going to sun send your sons and daughters to kill people that's what he's really talking about that i like on some level when some of my bone spurs i couldn't serve am voices on some level when like john mccain made statements like bomb randy weaver's ace he set a lot of stupid my feeling was yes this is kind of reckless but you know what at least john mccain is guy was seen combat is a pow i have a lot less respect when it comes from some like ted cruz you're donald trump and that has nothing to do with party same thing if democrats are making these statements which to be fair it's the republicans were open to make a lot more reckless statements on foreign policy and military greg will what they're doing is appealing to their base which is those people i talked about rule which has corporate bomblets blue everybody up if we just stacked the bodies and kill more will be given i genuinely don't get like that's the last thing i've ever wanted to be as someone in the media like a guy sits in an airconditioned studio banging on the that's like that's why to be fair someone like tommy wearing annoys me when you know she's like advocating for war and just my feel i've first of all mike who were these veterans were like yeah this and then i'm why would you advocate for way i don't i really don't like what what sacrifice are you willing to make if we actually go to war other than you know advocating for it in it can do airconditioned studio in front of a camera like there's nothing 'heroic about that well that's what i said even about those retired generals who were they mickey ernie.

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